Trump “Definitely” Planning to Declare a National Emergency to Get His Wall

Trump “Definitely” Planning to Declare a National Emergency to Get His Wall January 10, 2019

Well, here we go.

The petulant man-baby in the Oval Office is playing to his base, mainly because the show is all he knows. He’s also equally convinced that they don’t actually need proof of anything, nor are they really facts-persistent. They tend to go with whatever he says, no matter how insane or unAmerican.

This is why I’ve continually pointed out that Donald Trump is not the problem. The problem rests in a public that has suspended their critical thinking skills in favor of a puppet master.

As the nation closes out the third week of the partial government shutdown, President Trump is once again thumbing his nose as furloughed workers, many set to see their first missed paycheck on Friday, unless he gets the money for his magical, mystery border wall.

And I’ll say here, again, as much as I believe there needs to be a fix at the southern border, this wall he keeps alluding to is not that fix. There are better ways.

President Trump wants to draw the military into the picture and declare the border situation as a “national emergency,” no matter what the Department of Homeland Security numbers show.

Hint: They show numbers of illegal crossings decreasing, not increasing.

As he departed the White House en route to Texas for a visit to the border he said it “would be very surprising to me” if he didn’t go that route, should talks on Capitol Hill continue to stall.

“I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency,” he said. “If this doesn’t work out, probably I will do it. I would almost say definitely.”



Sorry, folks. I was remembering the sweaty, screaming conspiracy theorists, convinced that President Barack Obama was weaponizing the United States military, in order to move against non-compliant American citizens, in order to have them put away in detention camps.

Now, imagine that same group of people upon hearing a Republican president threaten to take an already stretched U.S. military, march them across the southern territory of the nation, as private farming and ranching lands are confiscated cheering on the efforts.

So using our own military against us when a Democrat is in office is a bad thing, but using our own military against us when a [sort of] Republican is in office is just fine?

Man. That situational worldview is a real head-spinner.

Still, Trump is sure that he has all the authority in the world to call a national emergency and tap into military funds, in order to appease his most radical core support.

So riddle me this: For two years, Republicans held the majority in the House and Senate. Trump had the mandate and could have began that wall, certainly with full support, on the very first day of his presidency.

Why didn’t he?

Why, now that the numbers of illegal border crossings down to record lows, is this an “emergency,” but not days after taking office? Nor was it an “emergency” for the last two years, apparently.

Here’s one theory to ponder: Trump knows that if he tries to declare an emergency, this will go into the courts, where it will surely be struck down.

Once it is struck down, he can claim he tried, but Democrats and the courts are against him, making it all the more important for his 2020 efforts, so he can keep fighting.

Here’s another thought that I would expect more conservatives to be screaming over: For two years, with majorities in the House and Senate, Trump and Republicans did nothing to stop the funding of the abortion industry. In fact, they passed several bills fully funding Planned Parenthood, including one that allowed for the use of dead baby parts for experimentation.

We can just put the hope of ending abortion on hold. It will take a ruling from the Supreme Court and that begins when someone can get a case before them that convincingly proves abortion to be unconstitutional. We already know it’s barbaric, but the courts care little for that.

We could have, conceivably, stopped helping abortion mills turn a profit, by cutting public funding, however. Unfortunately, no one in this godless age of Trump is that serious about abortion, other than to draw in those pro-life votes.

So keep propping up the Liar-in-Chief, but don’t get your hopes up about a wall, because it’s not coming.

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  • Alpha 1

    Trump’s approval ratings among republicans would go up if he declared an emergency to build The Wall. At this point it should be appallingly clear they don’t care about democracy or the rule of law. They want a strong authoritarian daddy to crush their enemies, keep out undesirables, put minorities in their place, and make young people respect their elders. Even when his state of emergency fails to actually build The Wall they’d support it because it makes Trump look like he’s tough, and they can live vicariously as righteous people making hard decisions to save America by supporting him.

    This kind of projection is a big part of the reason that conservatives don’t care about abortion anymore. It was never anything more than a way to feel self righteous. Think of it as a proto-pizzagate: They got to tell themselves that they were warriors saving innocent babies from being murdered by satanazis who would sell them for parts, and all they had to do to make the fantasy work was be mad and vote republican. It’s one step above saying there’s a satanic child sex cult in a pizzeria, and then just posting about it. They don’t need abortion anymore because they have harder drugs now. The imaginary border crisis and caravan panic lets them feel like they’re defending western civilization from scary latinos and fighting “Soros” and the “globalists” who send them to “invade” America just by watching Fox. It’s much more martial and exciting than the old pro-life movement. And if you’re more conspiratorial, Qanon lets you fight against all that and a war against satanic child trafficking, just by posting! Traditional abortion politics are obsolete with the rise of Trump, and the few true believers have been left behind.

  • chemical

    So riddle me this: For two years, Republicans held the majority in the House and Senate. Trump had the mandate and could have began that wall, certainly with full support, on the very first day of his presidency.

    Why didn’t he?

    The wall isn’t about border security. As Susan correctly points out, Republicans could have done something about border security if they really wanted to. That slimeball Ted Cruz even proposed a decent bill in response to the caravan. It went nowhere because Trump wouldn’t sign anything that wasn’t a wall. What the wall is about is Trump is starting to lose his base supporters. Ann Coulter started calling him weak for not building it yet. Rush Limbaugh, too.

    The base wants the wall because it’s a giant middle finger to Mexico. Trump wants it because it’s this big thing he can put his name on.


    Here’s another thought that I would expect more conservatives to be screaming over: For two years, with majorities in the House and Senate, Trump and Republicans did nothing to stop the funding of the abortion industry.

    They didn’t have a majority in the Senate on that issue. Pro-choice Republican women senators wouldn’t have voted for any ban on abortion (Collins, and I think Murkowski). Even with the right wing court stacking by McConnell, abortion is here to stay. Republicans would rather you be mad about abortion than actually do anything about it, because it’s one of the few things driving conservatives to the polls. Besides, a huge chunk of the women getting abortions are conservative; ban abortion and women abandon the GOP. Right now the GOP is almost exclusively white and Christian; if it becomes the White Christian Male party it will collapse completely.

  • Art. I, §8, cl. 15 of the U.S. Constitution: [The Congress shall have Power] To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

    If the illegal immigration happening at the southern border is truly an invasion as President Trump says, then he is obligated to inform and petition the Congress to fund his wall and to obtain authorization to repel this invasion using military force. Instead all we get is hyperbole, exhausted platitudes, and contradicting opinions from a demagogue using social media. Of course even if Trump did get full funding (estimate 25 billion) for his wall or fence or whatever it has or will morph into, it would take years to build which will do nothing to repel the invasion that is supposed to be happening right now. So what is the “mere” 5 billion he is demanding going to accomplish again?

    To be clear, a POTUS can act unilaterally to defend this nation against an immediate threat when there isn’t time to first seek congressional authorization. But upon doing so, it’s up to the Congress to determine if the president’s actions are justifiable and to hold him accountable to the Constitution if not. Since Trump has had two years to work with Congress on this issue but hasn’t, he has no justifiable excuse for suddenly usurping power through a self-declared state of emergency. It is a crisis of his own making. What’s next, dissolving the Congress?

    “The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I’ve just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.” ~Governor Tarkin, Star Wars IV

  • Solipsistic Too

    If the need for a wall was self-evident, why does the administration consistently present lies, falsehoods and distortions to justify its building? I know that his base views him as a disrupter and therefore, anything goes, but is there any minimal standards for integrity for republicans?

  • Stephen

    Susan hits on conservative beliefs and why they are not really the interest of the GOP elites who are hypocrites. She also reminded me despite the hurling of libertard by radical right people who are not really conservative , that I am in most of my political beliefs.

  • Ronald Langdon

    Susan appeals to her base again LOL

  • Barros Serrano

    The movement of refugees cannot be characterized as an “invasion” except by racists seeking to use the refugees as scapegoats… which describes the attitude of the GOP very well.

    I’d say the 1954 coup which removed the elected Guatemalan govt was an “invasion” by the U$A, as was Reagan’s funding, arming and training of death squads in the 1980’s to keep the Guatemalans slaving for corporate profits.

  • John225

    Trump and the Democrats are in a Mexican standoff over a border wall. Trump hopes the barriers between them are insurmountable. He needs an issue for 2020. Sounds like there is a joke in there somewhere trying to get out.

  • Barros Serrano


  • Barros Serrano

    Whatever “conservative” once meant, it is now irrelevant. The GOP has gone full fascist. Corporate hegemony is the game, beneath all the fluff about walls and Orange Narcissists.

    Reaganomics initiated the great corporate giveaway, and it has continued, turned into fascist populism with the concoction of the Tea Party and then the comicbook Fuhrer.

    You would do best to simply register as a Democrat. Trumpolini once bragged he could destroy the GOP, and he appears to be doing it.

  • Stephen

    Already changed parties and registered as a Democrat in 2016. In my state you cannot vote in the primary unless you belong to the party . Other wise I would of registered independent. I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate. The true hard left progressives do not like me either. But there is a place in the Democrat party for people like me. Not so much with the Republican Party.

  • Barros Serrano

    Your use of “hard left” is misplaced. The “hard left” would be Communists. Progressives are demosocialist. We want a system more like those of the EU, Canada, Israel, NZ, etc. In today’s spectrum, FDR was progressive.

    The Democratic Party is NOT a leftist version of the GOP. The GOP IS far-right, one could say hard-right referring to the Tea Party, Trumpoids and others who’ve demonstrated fascist tendencies. In the Democratic Party there are no equivalently extreme leftists. Communists in the U$A are few in number and belong to small fringe groups.

    I’m a progressive, and I want an increased minimum wage, stringent environmental controls, women’s rights upheld, Unions strong, workers protected, the rich paying their taxes (which they haven’t done really since Reagan), and so on. None of this is “communist”.

  • Stephen

    Well I agree with what you want. And agree that is not communism.Maybe I should of not used the hard left term. You are right the main stream progressives are more inline with the countries you listed.

  • Stephen

    I would mainly socially agree with Susan but think church and state should be kept separated. The reason we have religious protections in the First Amendment is because the founding fathers saw one denomination become the state Church and then all others religious groups were persecuted by the state. So many religious right wingers think their Church is going to win out and become the state church. They are historically ignorant.

  • Barros Serrano

    Yes. Indeed, we progressives are entirely in line with Jeffersonian thinking.

    The Right’s name-calling is part of their overall program of lying constantly, since they are indicted by the truth. By “the Right”, I mean the GOP. They’ve come to call anything to the Left of Nazism “Communism”. All of the epithets of which they’re so fond are in line with the longstanding pattern of fascism propaganda. “communists”, “an invasion” etc.

    I for one am very tired of the endless litany of lies, harping about Saul Alinsky, etc. This country functioned when the 2 Parties managed to compromise around the center. The REAL center, not today’s “center” which is in reality very far to the right.

    We need to return our politics to a sane spectrum in which conservatives are not fascists, and the Democrats are not riding the center.