Raging Factions and Moral Equivocators Clamor Over Mueller Findings

Raging Factions and Moral Equivocators Clamor Over Mueller Findings March 25, 2019

The morning after takes on Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the finalized Mueller report are a sight to behold.

Not a good sight, mind you. They range from the outrageous to the grotesque.

I’m noticing several distinct groups of thought.

In one group, mostly populated by Democrat lawmakers, there is the belief that Barr was compromised. He is a newly-seated Trump appointee, beholden to the president, and only where he is because of his past criticism of the probe.

Because of his position and loyalty to the president, he is twisting Mueller’s report to completely free up Trump from facing any sort of justice. They’re demanding to see the full report, and not just Barr’s interpretation. I’d say that’s fair and necessary.

A second group has chosen to break down Barr’s summary, pointing out that while the evidence wasn’t sufficient to bring a charge of conspiracy against the president or any of his inner circle, he was not completely innocent, either.

And that’s what Mueller found. It’s not that there was no conspiracy, no acts of colluding. It’s that what they had was not something that would make for a strong case in court. Those direct lines could not be drawn.

That’s basically the same finding with obstruction of justice. As Barr pointed out, Mueller did not exonerate Trump in attempting to impede the progress of the investigation. He simply took what he had and referred it to AG Barr to determine if it rose to the level of an offense that the Justice Department would be willing to take up.

Barr chose not to pursue it.

“The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion – one way or the other – as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction,” William Barr wrote.

“Instead, for each of the relevant actions investigated, the report sets out evidence on both sides of the question and leaves unresolved what the Special Counsel views as “difficult issues” of law and fact concerning whether the President’s actions and intent could be viewed as obstruction. The Special Counsel states that ‘while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.’”

At least some sources are reporting that Mueller may be a little miffed that he spent two years of his life on a report that the Justice Department would mutate for political purposes.

A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told The Daily Beast that it was their interpretation that ‘Mueller was making a case to Congress, who (unlike DOJ, in Mueller’s view) is empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president’s conduct,’” the Beast wrote.

Interestingly enough, everybody seems to forget that the president’s own lawyer, Rudy Giuliani copped to “collusion” on national television, by saying that he’d never claimed NO ONE in Trump’s circle had committed collusion.

This was following news of former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort passing off polling data to Russians.

Then there is the shadow question: If Trump was innocent, why did he act like a man in a panic?

The theory is that there are people close to him – family – who are not innocent.

Of course, there is another group of fence-straddlers, who sought to appear impartial during the ordeal, but now have jumped all in with Team Trump, all but claiming they knew he was innocent, the whole time.

It’s laughable to see, actually.

A fourth, monstrous group of partisan troglodytes are willing to burn down the entire republic, in service to Trump, at this point.

GOP lawmakers and MAGA devotees are screeching for the heads of anyone involved in the investigation to be placed on spikes along the White House gates.

Maybe not quite that – yet.

It was a lawful investigation. Given Russia’s actions and Donald Trump’s reactions, it would have been a dereliction of duty NOT to investigate.

The idea that we use investigations, or even the threat of investigations as retaliation for a lawful act on behalf of the well-being of our nation is chilling. How can we maintain a country with that sort of revenge-centered governance?

We cannot. And while the thuggish trolls rage against Mueller, John McCain, or anyone involved in the process, the facts still remain that we have a president who has shown an alarming amount of subservient deference to the former KGB agent leading Russia’s government.

In a bizarre twist, while Trumpian bootlickers, like Mark Levin are calling Robert Mueller a “coward,” Donald Trump, himself, has done a complete turnabout in his opinion on Mueller, telling reporters on Monday that Mueller had acted “honorably.”

Imagine that.

Of course, none of this is the end. Congress still wants to see the full report, and while they’re working on that, the Southern District of New York will be doing their thing, full speed ahead.


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  • earhartam

    “It was a lawful investigation. Given Russia’s actions and Donald Trump’s reactions, it would have been a dereliction of duty NOT to investigate.”


  • IllinoisPatriot

    Now we see the Trump-as-tyrant in action as he urges his cult and those that have sworn fealty to him to attack and destroy Mueller and every prosecutor on Mueller’s team while Trump pretends to be above the fray calling Mueller “honorable” for the first time since the investigation started 2 years ago.

    We see the full perversion of the supposedly “Conservative” media as they attempt to destroy the reputations and careers (as well as future earning potential) of those that did their jobs to investigate Trump for the simple fact of doing their jobs and investigating the would-be king.

    We will now see the Trump-lickers spiking the ball day after day and pushing the narrative that the “neverTrump” “haters” have lost and they are taking their revenge on any that have dared to doubt their loyalty to the Russian/Chinese/N.Korean asset in the WH.

    It’s almost as if Trump is intentionally attempting to portray the worst aspects of the most radical stereotypes of “Conservatives” and “Republicans” that the liberal, socialist, progressive far-left can dream up in an attempt at a Democrat-sponsored, Democrat-inpsired “scorched Earth” policy aimed at forever destroying the credibility of the GOP and anyone that claims the mantle of “conservative” and the so-called “conservative press” is helping him do it.

    What I now would like to know is: Who is pulling Trump’s strings ? The Clintons ? Putin ? Kim Jong Un ? Xi Jing ? Some other Democrat puppeteer like Bloomberg or George Soros or Bill DiBlasio ?

  • JASmius

    It’s almost as if Trump is intentionally attempting to portray the worst aspects of the most radical stereotypes of “Conservatives” and “Republicans” that the liberal, socialist, progressive far-left can dream up in an attempt at a Democrat-sponsored, Democrat-inpsired “scorched Earth” policy aimed at forever destroying the credibility of the GOP and anyone that claims the mantle of “conservative” and the so-called “conservative press” is helping him do it.

    I’ve been saying that for the past three and three-quarter years.

  • JASmius

    Donald Trump, himself, has done a complete turnabout in his opinion on Mueller, telling reporters on Monday that Mueller had acted “honorably.”

    Curious, seeing as how just yesterday he was calling the Mueller probe “treasonous”. But then, Barr gave him what he wanted.

    For now. But it won’t last.

  • Michael Weyer

    Trump has handed the left enough “Whataboutism” to last until the 22nd century.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I’m convinced that Barr’s primary purpose in getting the nomination was to shut down Mueller’s investigation. I saw on the Wash Examiner’s website only today that the USSC has declined to hear a case and overturn a lower court that upheld a Mueller subpoena for documents from an unidentified company owned by an unidentified foreign power.

    Also Corsi is now claiming that he “won” and that Mueller must “pay” for indicting him. He and his lawyer (Klyman?) are spiking the ball and bragging they will be suing Mueller for millions for “wrongful prosecution” or some such nonsense and bragging about how “brave” they are to stand up to Mueller in defense of Trump.

    If Mueller still had outstanding subpoenas that he was apparently still fighting for and people he was still investigating does it make sense to you that he would cut his investigation short and abandon his outstanding actions without some type of orders or demands from above (now that Barr has taken over the investigation and Rosenstein has resigned (in protest ?).

    Yeah – me neither….

  • IllinoisPatriot

    … and yet you seem to be trying to still use whataboutism to defend Obama on this site….

    Theres a reason I have now rejected BOTH major parties and will never vote for (or support) either of them again in the future.

  • Rick

    That’s what I don’t understand. Mueller still had Stone on the hot seat. Still had that unidentified company to deal with. He still has 30-some sealed indictments hiding somewhere. Who knows what else.

    Did he abandon all of that? Or did he hand them off to state AG’s for a pardon proof possible conviction? Congress really needs to have them all in for a chat.

    As for Barr. I believe you’re right that he was brought in to end the investigation. He knew it would create a firestorm to simply fire Mueller, so did he hasten the final report in order to ‘summarize’ it, and with the help of Reps in Congress, then bury it? Safe assumption. Did he ask Rosenstein to stay longer, so he could undermine his 2 year position for a need of an investigation, by surreptitiously including him in the coverup?

  • mersey

    Donald Trump is the product of the Obama administration. The next progressive president will be a product of the Trump administration. The division and hate in this country will be our undoing.

  • It’s all standard operating procedures for Trump. It doesn’t matter who it is, if someone is standing in his way he publicly maligns them. The Clinton’s were his “good friends” until the moment they were competing for the same office. Suddenly (to him) Hillary became the Devil and Bill a sexual predator. Then the day after election, they became good people again that he didn’t want to hurt.

    Then there is Lyin Ted Cruz, who suddenly became Beautiful Ted once he started kissing Trump’s posterior after the election.

  • chemical

    Oh, Jerome Corsi is being represented by Larry Klayman? Klayman is a laughingstock for those of us on the left, and is usually a top contender for America’s Dumbest Lawyer (stiff competition for that title, these days). If you hired Klayman to fight a traffic ticket, you might end up getting the death penalty. He’s that incompetent.

    So, this is good news. If Corsi hired Klayman to sue Mueller, not only is it very likely that they will lose, but also blow up in their faces somehow.

  • chemical

    We see the full perversion of the supposedly “Conservative” media…

    I like how you didn’t use the word “news” here. Although it’s not a uniquely right wing phenomenon, the “news” stations don’t actually report the news anymore. Instead, they report what their audience wants to hear, because that’s where all the money is at. Fox is a GOP propaganda station that airs a white supremacist, and the only reason why CNN isn’t called Cable Baseless Speculation is because the CBS initials were already taken.

  • Pearl Nardini

    I do hope that the Democrats are serious about reading the entire Mueller report. It is my opinion that AG Barr is just another maga-disciple for Trump. So, it is up to the Democrats to band together and do what is right for the survival of our constitution and our country as we have known it; otherwise dictator-leadership will be put in place. Trump has already made strides in that direction and more to come if we look the other way.

  • Michael Weyer

    I was defending this idiotic idea you push that his birth certificate is a forgery. Does that mean his birth notice in Hawaiian newspapers was a fake too?

  • Michael Weyer

    Forget the left, even many on the right consider Klayman an idiot and Corsi even more stupid by hiring him to represent him.

  • Michael Weyer

    I never bother with any 24/7 news place. I’d watch my local stations or BBC Worldwide. Too much of talking heads and endless speculation on all sides to mess things up even worse. The advent of those stations was a serious blow against real journalism.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    No the birth announcement in Hawaiian newspapers may have been genuine.

    You need to understand the law at the time. During a relatively short time frame (including when Obama was born), Hawaii would issue US birth certificates (not indicating citizenship) to anyone that posted a “home birth” in local newspapers because the practice of home birthing was common in Hawaii at the time. This resulted in known, documented cases of Chinese nationals obtaining fraudulent Hawaiian birth certificates (and consequent claims to US citizenship) for the mere price of posting ads in Hawaiian newspapers (since there was never any official verification that the kid being “announced” was actually born in the islands (on US soil). This means that having a Hawaiian birth certificate from that time period means nothing because even Hawaii will not accept such a birth certificate (the “short form”) as identification or proof of citizenship (state OR federal).

    There are also logical inconsistencies with Obama’s BC: The list of potential races was included “African American” while the term “African American” did not exist in common usage in the early 60s – those we today call “African Americans” were known in the early 60s as “Negros” and “Negro” was what was commonly used on all government forms.

    The date “stamped” on the document includes 2 radically different fonts as do a couple other references. Obama’s SS# was not issued from Hawaii, but from Connecticut and was actually originally assigned to a man 60+ years dead. Since Trump had never been near Connecticut and SS policy was to NEVER re-use a SSN, both situations argue against legitimacy and argue FOR forged identity documents. All this was ignored and dismissed by the leftists at the time, but has yet to be addressed in any way that actually explains the discrepancies. The “sequential document-id number” on Obama’s cert also places the date of his BC processing between two certificates that bracket a range that does NOT include the one on Obama’s birth cert.

    Other circumstantial questions that have been swept under the rug by the force of Obama’s propaganda and “social media popularism” include: Obama has used multiple SSNs at different times in his life. There are residual traces of Obama’s claims to having been born in Kenya. Obama’s “gave up” his law degree to avoid being prosecuted for fraudulent application. Obama’s version is that he “voluntarily” stopped practicing law, but the evidence shows he was about to be disbarred for lying on his State Bar application and for fraudulent practices.

    These issues are still out there, never having been addressed, but constantly “shouted down” by leftists such as yourself. Now that we see Trump trying to capitalize on Obama’s success a implementing a false reality through the force of bluster and social media, I find it’s time to stand up, speak out and demand that those that defend Obama produce the evidence they scream about or admit that they are part of the Obama cover-up and lie and every bit as partisan and corrupt as the Trumpists that defend Trump and attack anyone that challenges Trump’s “alternate reality”.

    The only way to restore Truth to our government is to DEMAND the truth and not accept prevarication, continuation of social media propaganda or ‘”They checked it out’ nonsense because there never was a “they” to check out Obama’s cert. No one is on record of being able to access the official record and the only officials that were known to be involved in producing it met with fatal accidents shortly after the release of the (clearly forged) document.

    You were NOT defending the idea that Obama’s cert was a forgery. You were ATTACKING that idea. Your attempt to intentionally twist the meaning of the term “defending an idea” and your use of the adjective “idiotic” and other perjoratives identify you as liberal here to attempt to use the cover of our general disgust with Trump to plant comments that you and others can point to later to “prove” that Susan is somehow a “liberal” or that Obama was somehow not just as corrupt and perverted and anti-constitutional as Trump.

  • Michael Weyer

    First, I’m not a “leftist.” I’m more moderate as I’m pro-life and was a huge fan of Reagan growing up and think a lot of progressives go too far.

    And no, Obama was not as corrupt as Trump and was not “anti-constitutional” as so many like to claim (name ONE freedom you had on January 19th 2009 that was taken from you). He was also a thousand times the man of character Trump is and this constant rant on “he forged his birth certificate” remains an idiotic move to undermine and shadow his legacy.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I think they ARE serious about reading and releasing the entire Mueller report – but not because they give a hoot about law-and-order or our Constitution. I think the only reason they are serious about getting and releasing that report is their ultra-partisanship and hatred for Trump and their desire to damage and destroy Trump in any way.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for Trump and would LOVE to see his entire corrupt business enterprise and circle of corrupt associates destroyed for the damage they are doing to the country I love so they cannot profit from the destruction they are causing with their access to the Oval Office. But I felt the same about Obama and HIS enabling / protecting corrupt circle of associates (Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Learner, Rahm Emmanuel, etc) – most of whom have actually profited from their abuse of the Public Trust that comes with holding high office.

    I believe the voting population is starting to wake up and reject the polarization that is/has been taking place between the two parties. That may include a more-or-less repudiation of all social media as the means by which the rot of our culture is so quickly spreading.

  • chemical

    Ain’t that the truth. The one thing that drives me nuts more than anything is they never talk about any of the policy actually involved, regardless of who’s pushing it. I’ve even seen conservatives simultaneously argue against Obamacare while arguing for the Affordable Care Act! That particular person thought they were 2 separate things — he wanted to gut Obamacare to save the Affordable Care Act, because he couldn’t possibly get it through his head that Obama did something that he actually liked.

    And the same thing is happening again. Talk about a bill that spends money on infrastructure and reduces pollution, and some conservatives will get on board. But the second they learn that’s AOC’s Green New Deal, they oppose it like it’s the Socialist Atheist Communism and Sharia Taxpayer-funded Abortions Act of 2019. Hell, I googled the policy myself, and on the first page of search results only 1 news source (NPR) actually contained a link to AOC’s proposed policy, so I can read the thing myself.

  • Michael Weyer

    My uncle is a lifelong Republican but he loathes Fox with a passion for letting the nuts take over. He was no fan of Obama but would joke about how “Fox talks of him as an idiot doing nothing but playing golf but then he’s a ruthless tyrant in the same half hour.” He never liked Hillary but sure doesn’t think she’s a Bond villain selling uranium, running a pedo ring out a pizza parlor and had dozens of people killed.

    He can’t believe so many people he’s known as smart and focused will totally buy Fox’s garbage (‘more people die from bees than guns.”). He’s not ready to leave the party but he sure doesn’t listen to anyone who treats Fox seriously.

  • JASmius

    The biggest problem with Birtherism was never the validity of Obama’s birth certificate but that where he was born was always irrelevant to the question of his eligibility to be president. Good grief, John McCain wasn’t born in the United States; he was born in Panama, for heaven’s sake, and nobody ever questioned his eligibility.

    The true issue with Obama’s presidential eligibility was always whether his parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. The Founders intended for both parents to meet that criterion in order to avoid a POTUS having divided loyalties between America and some other country. By that standard, Obama would not have been eligible. However, after Chief Justice John Marshall extraconstitutionally introduced “Judicial Review” in Marbury v. Madison in 1803, effectively superseding the Constitution with subsequent case law, the presidential eligibility standard was eventually diluted to where only one of a presidential candidate’s parents need have been a U.S. citizen at the time of his/her birth. That rendered Obama eligible, and as a practical political matter, it was never going to be challenged or overturned, before or after he become POTUS.

    So, to summarize, the Birthers never knew what they were talking about in an effort that was never going to be successful. It was a complete and foolish waste of time. Obama himself surely knew this, which is why I think he spent three years trolling them before finally releasing his birth certificate just to amusedly watch them tie themselves in knots trying to come up with all the crazy ways to claim it was fake.

    That Trump pretty much conned his way into the inner sanctums of the “Right” by glomming onto Birtherism is the least remarkable political development of my lifetime.

  • Michael Weyer

    I always loved his bit at the Correspondent’s Dinner where he shows his “birth video”…which is the opening of the Lion King. “To the Fox News table…that was a joke.”

  • JASmius

    Or, as I’ve long been saying, Democrats are doing the right things for the wrong reasons, and Republicans are doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. The former does not surprise me, but the latter is utterly appalling and infuriating, and that is where true conservatives’ focus should be, on “the enemies within,” who must be defeated before the “enemies at the gate” can be taken on.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    1000% agreed.

    We are finally seeing the “enemies within” in clear and unequivocable form. The conservative mask has now been ripped off the GOP progressives and what we once thought were a few radicals and we conservatives stand appalled at what has subverted the party we’ve long strived to uphold, undergird and defend as well as the sheer number of progressives that have been allowed near the levers of power and given authority because we blithely accepted their assurances of “common cause” and “big tent” and “hyphenated conservative”.

    Now it’s time for conservatives throughout the country to walk away and form a new party that can rise from the ashes of the now-terminally corrupt GOP to be the party that we once envisioned the GOP could be under the vision of our founding fathers as eloquently expressed by Ronald Reagan, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, and our founding documents (DOI, Constitution, Federalist Papers). Perhaps Trump is doing us a favor by exposing the number of hypocrites and anti-conservative progressives hiding in the GOP and the self-proclaimed “conservative media”. It does not feel like it now, but then scrubbing out a wound does not feel good at the time either – no matter how necessary it is or how good it feels later.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I’m betting that Corsi did not have lot of choices of lawyers willing to take the case with a straight face…..

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Actually, the law that applies is the law that was in effect at the time of Obama’s birth.

    Citizenship in the US is passed via the MOTHER primarily (since the father can often not be determined). At the time of Obama’s birth, the state of immigration law was such that his mother was not legally eligible to pass on her citizenship to her child because she was under-age. That loophole has since been fixed, but Obama is still bound by the original rules because the ‘fix’ was not retro-active.

    Since Obama could not claim legal citizenship via his MOTHER and the law at the time stated it passes from the MOTHER (his father is unknown / disputed but generally conceded not to have been a citizen), the only route left for Obama to claim natural citizenship is through birth on American soil. So, yes – his place of birth mattered – a lot. The fact that Obama could intitially only produce a short-from certificate from Hawaii that only required newspaper announcements as proof of his birth on Hawaiian soil and since there are known Chinese-soil-born Chinese citizens that ALSO published and got Hawaiian short-form certificates, there was no clear evidence that Obama was not born elsewhere (making him a non-citizen) then visited his grandmother in Hawaii as an infant, got announced and a short-form document. The fact that Obama is using a dead-man’s SSN from over 60 years ago with a prefix indicating it was issued in a state he never visited is troubling and indicative that there may be something to the “birther” argument just as there is something to the Trump/Russian collusion/influence argument based on Trump’s actions both past and on-going. When you add the various discrepancies in the documents Obama eventually released and the clear forgery of the long-form he posted (and that was accepted by those that never looked for and always refused to consider discrepancies), as well as discrepancies in Obama’s selective service card, his SSN, and other documents, I think the birthers could have made a case if it were not for the media blitz in support of Obama (similar to the media blitz in support of Trump’s nomination) that attempted to demonize and marginalize those that had questions based on evidence that have never yet been answered.

    While I did not agree with much of the so-called “birtherism”, the term was coined by the left to deride and mock those that had real concerns into silence. It worked so well for Obama that Trump is now attempting the same technique.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Your support for Obama and his ACA / cap-and-trade / carbon-tax policies that have taken our right to individual choice in health-care, our right to provide (as employers) health-care benefits of our choice and the right of doctors to practice medicine that is patient-centric instead of insurance-law-centric DOES mark you as a leftist.

    Your challenge is one OFTEN heard from the left (and now from the right) (“Name one freedom/right/privilege that you have lost” or “Name one policy [of Trumps] that you disagree with”….). It is both meaningless and recognizable as an attempt to shut down anyone that disagrees with you because then you can use whatever response comes back (if any) to sidetrack the discussion about how the person you challenge or want to shut down is “stupid”, “silly”, “infantile”, — pick a perjorative — the point is that you will then proceed to attempt to mock and browbeat your (now victim) into silence.

    That playbook has been played out so many times it is utterly predictable.

    You are not in any “moderate” if you are still defending Obama or think that Obama’s reign as President was not the most disastrous one in the history of this country (prior to Trump).

    For the record, I stated that Obama was just as corrupt as Trump and that is EXACTLY what I meant. Trump has not (yet) effectively surrendered to a weaker foe while our forces were still in conflict with the enemy as Obama did when he pulled out of Iraq and the battle against ISIS and Islamic Jihad. Trump has not (yet) attempted to dictate what medical care citizens of this country ARE and ARE NOT entitled to by setting arbitrary demands on insurance companies while taxing medical equipment manufacturers or even not allowing those that produce equipment that he (and his government) do not approve of to operate their business by making their products illegal to sell.

    Obama’s may be a different kind of corruption and perversion, but he is every bit as dirty and (if anything) MORE anti-Constitutional than Trump because Obama used to TEACH the Constitution and billed himself as a “Constitutional Scholar”. Clearly Obama was only studying the Constitution to attempt to find ways to skirt its limits on government, in order to undermine and delegitimize it among his supporters.

    Obama’s efforts at anti-Constitutional and liberal propaganda seem to have worked on you. You spout liberal viewpoints, but claim not to be a liberal. I call that a “stealth liberal” or “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

  • Dorothy Margraf

    I know this comment is not written as authoritatively as your comments are, but let me just suggest this comment is for the average reader. I live in Illinois and Obama’s base support since he was put on this earth was a century old national operation with one part being a steel fist in control of the Democratic party in Illinois. I am sure both parties have many horses in their stables, reading to go on the entertainment news race course. Don’t confuse individual names with any kind of political opposition taking place. Look at where the long term goals have taken this country in the past 100 years, two steps forward and one step back, then repeat.

    So that there is no rebellion to control, we are given the illusion of oppositional views. In reality the the Democrats have made the moves forward and the Republican party is the provision made for dissidents, someplace to go for those who dissent from what is taking place. I call the Republicans The Next Time For Sure Party, as in “Next time for sure we will…..”

    We are given entertainment news to rant about. There are so many alternative news sources that are provisions made for dissidents it is impossible to know what is accurate information. Voters across the spectrum are led by the nose by people they are told to trust. There are too few people who dare to open any books to look further. Trump vs Obama? Two actors on the stage in a show put on for entertainment news.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    We’ll see how far they push it before the people start to rise up.

    The military oath (and that of all federal officials) is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    At some point the corruption and Trumpists may well cross the line and go one or two steps too far.

    If the people (or the military) rise up, they won’t stop with one individual – they will likely clean house thoroughly to rid the government of ALL traces of the corruption they rose up against…..

  • John225

    Mueller’s staff were seen moving boxes and cartloads of presumably files from their offices on the 11th, 12th and 13th of February. This would be consistent with handing off investigations. Barr was confirmed on the 14th of February. Coincidence perhaps?

  • Michael Weyer

    “Disastrous?” Oh, sure pulling us back from an economic meltdown, doing his best to fight climate change, marriage equality, getting Bin Laden and helping fix our image after the true disaster of Bush’s tenure.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I share and value your viewpoint. Thank you.

    I found your comment well-written and well thought out. I can tell you’ve thought about this topic/situation for some time (measured in years) just by the tone and consistency of your verbiage.

    I believe you are coming to (or have already arrived at) the same conservative conclusions many of his here have reached and are prepared to justify your position to others. That is the best thing we can do – simply stand for and exemplify our beliefs and not accept the equivocation and watering down of either the sentiments or the verbiage we use nor should we accept redefinitions of our words and concepts because doing so allows the weasel-word-minded space to twist our meanings.

    I encourage you and all who post traditional values to stand strong in your faith (whatever that is) and not let the pollution of American values to continue at the hands of the progressive leftists (you know who they are) in your lives.

    Thank you for posting.

  • Rick

    I remember the report. But still, since then, numerous reports stating investigations were still ongoing. Stone, mystery company, and the postponements of Gates and Flynn, who were still cooperating. The ongoing trail of Flynn’s former partner, Bijan Kian.

    It just doesn’t add up that he’d be done, with all that still going on. Unless there was pressure from above. The new guy above.

  • John225

    Doesn’t seem right to me also. What you mention plus heavily redacted court filings adds up to continuing investigations. Someone surmised that Mueller was running two investigations, Russia collusion and a counter-intelligence investigation. Maybe only the Russia collusion investigation is over and others are taking the counter-intelligence operation forward.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Exactly ! — the same guy now taking a “victory lap” and basking in the glow of Donnie’s favor……