Yes, the Russia Probe Began With Donald Trump

Yes, the Russia Probe Began With Donald Trump March 23, 2019

With everyone simmering over the news of the end to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, and the back and forth of what to expect next, no one is surprised that the social media chatter has been insane.

Frankly, I’m not surprised that federal authorities have not descended on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate, where he is holding court for the weekend with all his most loyal and subservient clingers.

I was never completely convinced he was more than a dupe, although his every action since the investigations into his campaign have suggested he had something to hide.

What I would advise everyone now is to chill out and wait until the final report is made public. We have no idea what Mueller found or reported on. We only know there are no more indictments coming from his leg of the investigation.

Another point of interest involves the Southern District of New York. The multiple investigations going on there have nothing to do with Russia or Robert Mueller, although we know Mr. Mueller farmed out certain aspects to the SDNY for their consideration.

Oddly enough, President Trump has remained unusually quiet about the end of Mueller’s probe. For the past 22 months, he has railed against what he called a “witch hunt,” but now that it’s over, he has yet to make a peep.

That could mean any number of things, so don’t twist yourself up trying to decipher it.

Indeed, the various factions in this long running drama have spent the day either expressing disbelief or spiking the football.

In other words, nobody has really changed their mind.

Unless you’re Fox News’ Brit Hume. If you’re Brit Hume, you’ve managed to harness something akin to selective amnesia. It makes it easier to ride the fence.

Now, we know this new age of Trumpism is rife with clingers and opportunists, so nothing should be shocking to those of us who have been paying attention.

I bring this up and present it to you as more of a cautionary tale, regarding the long and unforgiving memory of social media. When you put things out there for the world’s consumption, you can’t really take it back. You never know when it may come back on you, or under what circumstances.

Let me set the scene: On Saturday afternoon, Hume took to Twitter to scoff at those who were pointing to the origins of Robert Mueller’s probe. Donald Trump sat with NBC News’ Lester Holt and confirmed that, in spite of what his attorney general (Jeff Sessions) and deputy attorney general (Rod Rosenstein) had said, that he’d already been thinking about firing FBI Director James Comey, because of the “Russia thing.”

The video is readily available for anyone to locate and hear for themselves.

As is my inclination to do, I inserted myself into Hume’s Twitter feed, and informed him that, yes, Trump did say he fired James Comey to stop the Russia probe.

What followed was a brief back and forth, with Hume stonewalling, denying, and looking for very specific words as proof.

I showed him the video of the Holt interview. Others showed him the video.

He refused to accept it.

It was in the midst of this back and forth that a user by the name of Andy Richardson (@andy4ok) was good enough to jump into the way-back machine and travel the vast distance of 10 months ago, May 2018.

What do you think he found?

Well, that’s awkward.

I’m not putting Hume on blast just because I can. I’m calling him out because he carried on this conversation in bad faith. I don’t believe he forgot that in the not-so-distant past he, like those he was berating, also believed President Trump fired James Comey over the Russia probe. His decision to suddenly claim there was no impetus of Trump’s own making for the probe is the height of disingenuous posturing.

Do better, Mr. Hume, lest your hypocrisy and fence-straddling catch you, again.


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  • JASmius

    It’s the initial stages of the most epic “I reject your reality and substitute my own” history revision this side of the old Iron Curtain. The Trump party line is now that because Mueller did not indict the president, that completely exonerates him and vindicates his two-year long bellowing that the Russia investigation was a “witch hunt”. Even though DOJ policy is that they do not indict sitting presidents. Even though even Richard Nixon was never indicted. Even though your and Andy Richardson’s double-team of Brit Hume above. Suddenly things that happened never happened, and things that were said were never said. It’s Trump’s and #Cult45’s version of what the old Soviet Union used to call “socialist reality”, where refusal to swallow what the Dear Leader tells you is evidence of your “mental illness”.

    This will be aided by William Barr’s cherry-picking Mueller’s “comprehensive” report to only release the parts of it that make Trump look exonerated and withhold the parts that either incriminate him or are politically damaging to him. We, his critics, will howl “coverup!” and justifiably so, but by concealing the damaging portions of the report, we will, by definition, be deprived of any substantiating proof of our suspicions. Our objections will be dismissed as “deep state sore loserism” or whatever and Trump will attempt to run on it next year.

    It won’t work for that last purpose, particularly because of the sixteen other investigations at various governmental levels that will nibble him to death like ducks. But it’s going to be frustrating and tiresome to have to put up with in the near term. Which, in turn, is why you and Mr. Richardson did yeoman work busting Hume’s backside to the Twitter carpet. Well done.

  • Michael Weyer

    I never really thought Trump colluded just for the fact there’s no way Putin would be stupid enough to openly deal with him. What is obvious is Putin realizing you can play Trump like a fiddle if you do it right. Trump is that most dangerous of idiots; one who thinks he’s a genius. I have no doubt he’s convinced he’s coming out great in negotiations with North Korea, Russia, the tarriffs are working great and he has massive support from the country. As JA points out below, the sycophants are already hailing it as his innocence and ignoring the bad stuff like all the other negotiations. The Mueller report was never the end of all this, it’s just the beginning that’s going to be dominating news for a while.

  • Michael Weyer

    I made it a point to never go to RedState after their purge of the NeverTrump writers last year. For the hell of it I did and it’s truly sad to see what it’s become. I disagreed with those guys a lot but at least I respected most of their viewpoints and happy they openly banned talk on Obama’s birth certificate and dismissed the Pizzagate/Seth Rich stuff. Now, here they are talking of “deep state” and conspiracies of the left and slams on McCain and somehow Hillary and/or Obama is behind things.

    Nothing speaks to the sickness of Trumpism than how it turned a true conservative website into a second-rate Breitbart.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    You speak of Obama’s birth certificate. My technical computer background (and first-hand verification of the cert that Obama uploaded to will not allow me to ignore the proof that the long-form certificate Obama uploaded was definitely a forgery.

    As far as I am concerned, there is no definitive proof that Obama’s real long-form birth certificate (the only kind accepted as proof of citizenship) has EVER been released.

    That said, it’s water under the bridge at this point in time. Like Trump’s corruption and probable installation as President by a foreign power, Obama’s lack of verifiable citizenship (even his attorneys in NJ admitting he was not eligible to hold the office of President when they petitioned the courts to let him RUN for that office) no longer matter in the scheme of things because they are now both black stains on our history and on the honor of our country.

    The only things we can do now are to move forward and attempt to mitigate the damage as best we can while not over-compensating and voting Democrats into veto-proof control of Congress and the Presidency again……

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Sadly, it appears that Trump’s bellowing of “witch hunt” has occurred often enough that his cult now believes that Mueller’s lack of court-qualified evidence is equal to a finding of “not guilty” or even “innocent” (if there were such a finding). Worse, much of the media is showing their true colors (yellow mostly) by attempting to “share in the popularity” that Trump is claiming after his “vindication”.

    What’s truly amazing to those not blinded by the orange kool-aid is that Robert Mueller himself has now gone from “witch hunter with a vendetta against Trump” to “an honorable man” overnight. I need no further proof than Trump’s 180-degree about-face on Mueller to know that Trump’s claims of “witch hunt” were always and only fodder to keep his cult enraged and angry enough to defend whatever other corruption or leadership failure Trump was engaged in at the time.

    Trump’s attempt to discredit and delegitimize the Mueller investigation appears to have been successful.

    This will only embolden Trump to continue his campaigns (policies) of discrediting and delegitimizing the DOJ/FBI, the courts, the Congress, the Constitution, or election processes (including the Electoral College), our legal separation between government and private businesses, and everyone and everything that stands against Trump’s assumption of ultimate power. And the barking seals in red caps will happily march right off the cliff of tyranny for their naked emperor.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Just saw this on the Wash Examiner’s website today:

    Question: If Mueller has wrapped his investigation instead of having been told to terminate prematurely, why is this subpoena still in the courts, still outstanding and why has Mueller wrapped his investigation BEFORE he has examined all the evidence available to him ?

    I think we’ll find more of these ‘tailings’ left over (legal documents subpoena’d before Mueller “finished”, but never examined because he’s apparently be told to quit early). Turns out when Barr said he’d “do the right thing” he apparently meant he’d do whatever was “the right thing” to protect his patron (Trump).

  • Michael Weyer

    You know, I try to respect your opinons even if I disagree with them…

    But for God’s sake, Obama was running against Hillary Clinton and then John McCain under a Republican White House. Do you truly and honestly believe that if there was the slightest hint he wasn’t a natural born citizen, it wouldn’t have been exposed? It’s been checked countless times, he was born a U.S. citizen. It’s not “water under the bridge,” it should never have been an issue in the first place and acting like it’s still a thing in 2019 makes you look foolish.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I can only tell you what is obvious: The certificate Obama posted was a forgery. It was manuractured – not actually scanned as he claimed.

    The indications are all there. All you had to do was to download what he posted, put it into a PDF editor and turn off various layers. A scanner does not produce multiple layers in PDF image. It produces a single layer. Lifting the signatures on Obama’s forgery left the white outlines in place on the underlying layer of the PDF image.

    To any technical person, that is a MANUFACTURED document.

    Now you can say it’s been checked, but that’s like Trump saying the Mueller probe was a ‘witch hunt’ (after it had caught several witches). What you are believing is the press and the propaganda that was repeated so often that people began to believe the lie.

    Take the truth for what it is. I did NOT say Obama was not a natural-born citizen. I DID say that the “proof” he offered was a forgery and suspect that if he is presenting forged documents to “prove” his citizenship, he’s hiding something.

    I don’t really CARE who Obama was running against. Whataboutism no longer interests me or in any way works as an excuse for Obama not obeying the law. Obmaa’s lawyers were caught on internet video admitting that Obama was not legally able to run for President, yet the courts allowed his name on the ballot to RUN for an office he could not legally hold (per his lawyers).

    As I said earlier, there’s nothing we can do about that now. Nor can we undo Trump’s inauguration. The best we can do is to mitigate the damages moving forward and attempt not to compound the damage.

    As to your question, YES – I REALLY believe that Obama and the Democrats were able to hide, then obfuscate, then deny and coverup the fact that he may not have been a natural born citizen. Just as Trump managed to whine and accuse and bluster and distract from the fact he has no character, no leadership potential, no vision, no decency, no statesmanship, no decorum and no respect for our laws or our Constitution.

    One major issue that aided Obama’s cover-up of his citizenship status is that GW Bush was too “nice” of a person to make an issue of Obama’s questionable citizenship status. GW did not push for investigations nor did the GOP feel the need to get dirty and vengeful as Trump feels the need to do now and as Obama felt the need to do to the critics that criticized him.

    As to acting like it’s “a thing”, it was YOU that brought up Obama’s birth certificate. There has been a lot of hoopla about it – mostly derision coming from the liberals that are in Obama’s defense, hoping to mock and deride those that will speak the truth into silence. That is what you are now doing with your reply.

    No matter how much you may mock or claim that “everybody” has “looked into it”, you forget that at one time “everybody” “knew” the world was flat – and that the Sun revolved around the Earth. That is until the facts emerged and could no longer be ignored.

    I refuse to ignore the fact of Obama’s forgery just to suit your misguided belief that his posted birth certificate was genuine. IT WAS NOT.

    Unfortunately, Obama got away with a press attack on anyone that questioned him just as Trump has now managed to silence Mueller even though the USSC has ONLY JUST decided not to review a case about a Mueller subpoena for documents that I’m quite sure Mueller has not included in his “final report” (because he would not yet have received them from a company owned by a foreign country). Somehow, Mueller has managed to “conclude” his investigation without yet receiving all the evidence and we are to believe that Barr and Trump had nothing to do with that “decision” ?

    As is said, both are now water under the bridge. There is nothing we can do to undo the damage that has already been caused.

    What we CAN do is to continue refuting the lies and innuendo and propaganda that has been spewed by BOTH sides and to bring out the facts when those facts conflict with what is being presented as “history”.

  • Hi Michael

    There are many blatantly unconstitutional things both major political parties and media agree on, it doesn’t mean they are correct, nor does it change the Constitution.

    Like the Democratic Party, the unprincipled Republican Party doesn’t care about the natural born Citizen (NBC) clause because in their “pragmatism” they too don’t want to be restricted by who is constitutionally eligible. They want to run whoever they think has the best chance of winning despite the long term consequences of such actions. This was made perfectly clear when they allowed Obama to get away with it, and then in 2016 when they allowed not just one but three non-eligible candidates to run for their party’s nomination (e.g. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal).

    Simply being granted U.S. citizenship at birth via Congress does not correlate into being a NBC. A natural born is a citizen without the need of any naturalization laws by the Congress. Their citizenship is automatically conferred upon them by the virtue of their father’s citizenship, being that the father is the head of the family. The Congress has no authority to deny this birthright.

    It’s important to understand that a republic naturally requires the fidelity of its citizenry to maintain it, which is why naturalized citizens are required to renounce all allegiances to foreign nations before being granted citizenship here. Thus the whole concept of dual citizenships and automatically giving babies citizenship while their parents are not is antithetical to a republic and violates the sovereignty of other nations as well as the parents.

  • Michael Weyer

    Except Obama was born in the United States so he is a natural born citizen.

  • And so I repeat myself.

    Simply being granted U.S. citizenship at birth via Congress does not correlate into being a NBC. A natural born is a citizen without the need of any naturalization laws by the Congress. Their citizenship is automatically conferred upon them by the virtue of their father’s citizenship, being that the father is the head of the family.

    Now who does Obama’s birth certificate name as his father, and which country was he a subject of?

    ​”The sentiments of Mr. Locke on this subject go much further. “’Tis plain,” says he, “by the law of right reason, that a child is born a subject of no country or government. He is under his father’s tuition and authority, till he comes to the age of discretion; and then he is a freeman, at liberty what government he will put himself under; what body politick he will unite himself to.””​​ ~James Wilson, Lectures on Law (1791)

    ​”By the law of nature alone, children follow the condition of their fathers….”​ ~​Emer de Vattel, Laws of Nations (1758)