After Mueller Report Drop, Trump Still Acting Like a Desperate Man

After Mueller Report Drop, Trump Still Acting Like a Desperate Man April 20, 2019

So here’s a question:

If the Mueller report was such a victory for Donald Trump and all of Trumpdom, why is he still acting like the clock is ticking away to his last moments of freedom?

He acts like a man convicted.

As a matter of fact, the president only took a brief victory lap after his fixer, Attorney General William Barr dropped his well-scripted presser on Thursday, pushing a false narrative of a report that assured us the Oval Office is currently occupied one of the most unfit individuals to ever hold public office.

To have heard and only paid attention to Barr’s comments, you would think Trump’s reputation and conduct during the 22 month Russia probe was spotless.

After the redacted report was made public, however, the reality was shockingly stark, for any who cared to read it.

Fox News legal analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano went so far as to suggest the president may not be completely off the hook (and certainly not exonerated).

“Depending upon how you look at them, it might be enough to prosecute,” Napolitano said on his series “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers.”

“But it did show a venal, amoral, deceptive Donald Trump, instructing his aides to lie and willing to help them do so. That’s not good in the president of the United States,” he added.

“On obstruction of justice … the president is not exactly cleared,” he also said on the show, pointing to nearly a dozen instances of potential obstruction detailed in the report.

These were the issues that Mueller intended for Congress to have the final say about. It was William Barr who ran interference and insisted on putting his own spin out into the public, first. He wanted an image of a victimized, but innocent Donald Trump.

Once that narrative is settled in, it’s hard to uproot it from the minds of those who were waiting for that conclusion, even when the reality is very different.

The public should have been allowed to see the report at the same time as Congress, so real discussion could have taken place.

Attorney General William Barr will not emerge from this with his reputation intact. He’s using the office to cover for a single, central government figure. Maybe he feels this is his last chance at glory?

He’ll soon find himself entangled in subpoenas and Congressional testimony, for his part in attempting to run block for the president.

In the meantime, Trump continues to lash out. He’s scared to death.

On Saturday morning, he continued his attacks on Robert Mueller, as if nothing has changed.

“Despite the fact that the Mueller Report should not have been authorized in the first place & was written as nastily as possible by 13 (18) Angry Democrats who were true Trump Haters, including highly conflicted Bob Mueller himself, the end result is No Collusion, No Obstruction!” Trump tweeted.

Meanwhile, it’s obvious he still hasn’t read the report for himself.

That’s not what the report shows.

Mueller noted every case where Trump attempted to obstruct, through staffers. It was their unwillingness to take the fall for him that kept him from obstructing the investigation, outright.

“With respect to whether the President can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his powers under Article II of the Constitution, we concluded that Congress has the authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice,” Mueller wrote.

Democrats in Congress are taking this seriously, and they intend to go over every aspect of the report.

“Impeachment” has been floated, but for the moment, few Democrat lawmakers are willing to go to that extreme, just before an election season.

So why is Donald Trump still fighting this battle?

You can look to some of those redacted portions. Mueller farmed out a lot of cases out to the Southern District of New York, and their hands are not quite as tied as that of Congress.

With that in mind, President Trump should be crafting some grade-school insults for his home state, any day, now.




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  • Michael Weyer

    You’d think he would have read the report. After all, a common story from former staff is that the only way people can ensure Trump reads his daily briefings is if they make sure his name is constantly mentioned in them. Unless that’s all in the black ink here too.

    Once more, doubted in full collusion but geez, Nixon wasn’t going out of his way to act as incredibly guilty as Trump is now.

  • Alpha 1

    Trump is scared because he watches too much Fox News. Fox treats the Democrats as an actual opposition party which may try and make him face real consequences for his wrongdoings, instead of the elaborate scam to siphon money from rich donors and give it to overpaid consultants that they are.

  • Ellen Elmore

    Trump knows he’s guilty, The Republicans know he is guilty. The Democrats know he is guilty. The question is: will anyone have the courage do something about it?

  • IllinoisPatriot

    If Trump keeps attacking SDNY and encouraging his cult to do likewise, I fully expect SDNY to start RICO action before this is all over.

    I do not believe Trump will leave this alone, and I believe his tweets and his attacks will continue to escalate.

    I further believe that Trump will not stop with verbal attacks or with tweets, but will start pardoning some of the defendants or witnesses that SDNY may subpoena to testify. Should Trump start pardoning witnesses (or even making offers to do so), I suspect the obstruction charges will once again spring into the foreground for Congress in addition to those pressed by SDNY.

    Trump simply does not have personality to participate in any effort to ‘weather the storm’ that he constantly creates with his corrupt dealings and unethical actions.

  • Michael Weyer

    One of the most remarkable things of the disconnect of reality with Trump cultists is how they continue to think he’s this calm and measured man easily playing chess with opponents rather then the short-termpered petulant man-child everyone else can clearly see.

  • JASmius

    Trump acts like “a man convicted” because he’s guilty and he knows it and is petrified of getting caught, even though he has Bill Barr protecting him and as his colossal ego assures him he never will be. So his raging insecurities bypass his ego in the form of lashing vindictiveness and faux victimhood wallowing, which keep the scandal fires burning when that should be the last thing he wants and the last thing that presumably would be happening in the wake of an actual “total vindication”.

    What explains this? It seems pretty obvious, at least to me: He needs the constant, never-ending, eternal “fight”. He craves conflict, even more than “winning”. He wants to be punched so that he can “counter-punch” (a big reason why I believe he craves impeachment). If nobody takes a swing at him, he’ll keep up the provocations until somebody does, and then whine about being “attacked”. It’s all part of his pathological, narcissistic compulsion to make himself the center of attention 24/7/365. Donald Trump’s version of hell is not everlasting cold or a lake of fire; it’s being utterly and completely ignored – and left alone.

  • chemical

    Very good points — your 2nd paragraph explains why I think the Dems haven’t made an impeachment attempt on Trump yet. Besides, the last impeachment attempt made by an opposition party ended up failing (straight vote on party lines), and wound up with the president gaining popularity. A wise man learns from his mistakes, but a wiser man learns from others’ mistakes.

    Besides, Trump has already proven himself to be an incredibly ineffective president who can’t enact a conservative agenda, which means from a political perspective there isn’t much reason for the Dems to remove him from office. Besides, you know, the fact that he’s a criminal. As a liberal, I’m not sure if I actually agree with the Dems on this — I get why they’re proceeding this way, but it still feels too much like situational ethics to me.

  • Michael Weyer

    True, this can backfire and such. I remember back when Obama won election, there were some progressives seriously contending “impeach Bush before he leaves office, just to set an example.” Thankfully, they were ignored as that would have been a huge mistake.

    Plus, of course, it leaves us with President Pence with his own issues and would muddle up the election next year so can understand why they’re holding back…for now.

  • chemical

    Bush had a pair of shoes thrown at him right before he left office, which I think was an appropriate response. It’s enough to voice a strong disapproval, and worst case scenario he takes a shoe to the face (which he didn’t anyway due to surprisingly good reflexes). Point is, it doesn’t cause any permanent damage, except maybe to his ego.

    You’re right about Pence, though. He’s basically an insurance policy to prevent Trump from getting impeached.

  • Michael Weyer

    Once more laughable to think on how two years ago, folks thought it would be a Bush/Cheney deal of Pence really running things. Instead, he’s proven to be Trump’s total lapdog bootlicker to the point a lot of conservatives have turned on him. Still, it seems likely Dems hold off on any impeachment and prefer to get them both out next year (and I halfway think Pence wouldn’t actually mind at this point)>

  • Alpha 1

    The president being a literal criminal seems like a pretty big reason to impeach. If the Democrats believe that the rule of law should be anything more than kayfabe, they have to take action against a criminal president. Beyond that, there are the political costs of not impeaching. Consider this: millions of people voted for the Democrats to check Trump. Then it comes out that Trump obstructed justice to hide his massive corruption and Democrats don’t do anything beyond giving him a slap on the wrist. If that’s all the Democrats do to keep Trump in line, why on earth would any of those voters bother to take to time and vote for the Democrats again? After all, they’ve seen that a Democratic congress won’t even do anything to stop President Crimes from committing more crime.

  • chemical

    Like I said, it’s something I’m torn on, because it could wind up backfiring, too, if they make an impeachment attempt that fails. If the Mueller report dropped for anyone except Trump, Pence would be president already. At this point I’d rather force every Trump supporter to read the Mueller report in full — even the redacted report is incredibly damning.

    I know the Dems subpoenaed some of Trump’s tax returns and requested Mueller to testify to Congress, and of course this is being held up by the GOP. Maybe they’re waiting for that? Honestly Trump should have been forced out of office last Friday.

    On the plus side, at least Mueller got the Q-Anon jerks to shut up.

  • Michael Weyer

    True, it was joyous seeing reality break in on those morons that no, Mueller was not going to suddenly be arresting Obama and Hillary for non-existent crimes.

  • Alpha 1

    I don’t see how impeachment could backfire. Remember that Trump’s base lives in an alternate reality: Trump and the right wing media will lie to them and say the Democrats are going to impeach Daddy Trump no matter what the Democrats actually do. Democrats may as well go through with it. Subpoenaing Trump’s taxes and having Mueller testify are all well and good, but you need to go somewhere with that or else it’s all kayfabe. After all, the Democratic base is so desperate to see someone stand up to Trump that they convinced themselves that Nancy Pelosi clapping funny was an epic act of resistance. Right now the Democratic leadership is on track to have taken more action against Ilhan Omar for describing AIPAC than against Trump for running the presidency like a criminal organization.

    Impeachment helped Clinton and hurt Republicans, yes, but that was an actual witch hunt against a popular president who was impeached on technicalities. Impeaching Trump would pit the Democrats against a president everyone hates and who is manifestly unfit for office. It doesn’t even have to be for obstructing justice: Trump still profits from his business empire, brutalizes migrants, and overruled congress to continue supporting Saudi war crimes in Yemen! Impeachment would force even “moderate” Republicans around the country to close ranks around Trump unless they want to be primaried. It would show the world that Democrats still believe in the rule of law, and that there are no good Republican politicians because they’re all accessories to Trump’s crimes.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    So you’re effectively saying that impeaching a popular president is bad, but impeaching an unpopular one is good – regardless of the law or the applicability of his actions.

    I implore you to STAY in Canada where your vote will not pollute those of the our country.

    Popularity is no basis nor reason for impeachment. Disobeying the laws of our country and (especially) our Constitution IS. Clinton lied under oath (that’s Perjury) and then did his own version of Trumpian obstruction of justice by having his “pet AG’ insure that the Starr report was not allowed to follow all leads. Clinton never faced penalties – not because he was not guilty as sin – but because the Democrats closed ranks around him and using their friends in the media attempted to change the narrative to “it was just sex” from “It was perjury and abuse of presidential power / authority”.

    Both Clinton and Trump abused their authority. Both had ‘friendly’ AGs to cover up or ‘edit’ the contents of investigations into their affairs. Both had their own party in control of Congress with the majority of their party willing to vote party-line rather than on the evidence that was/would be placed in front of them. Both have attempted to claim ‘witch hunt’ in the media as attempts to cover-up their activities.

    …but to you in Canada, it all boils down to ‘popularity’ apparently — or is it actually “political partisanship’ where Trump does not have a ‘D’ behind his name ?