Deutsche Bank Providing Trump Organization Financial Records

Deutsche Bank Providing Trump Organization Financial Records April 24, 2019

As I pointed out recently, our president is not behaving as someone who has chalked up a win.

Each day since the Mueller report dropped, Trump has blown up his social media with increasingly frantic, angry posts.

Completely exonerated?

It certainly doesn’t seem that way. He acts like a man who knows the clock is ticking. He acts like he knows the results of the Mueller report were not the end of it for him.

I know some of you may be inclined to think of the Democrat-led House and their efforts to delve further into what was documented in the report, as well as the focus on Trump’s taxes.

While that would be the normal inclination, given all the news coverage, but as I’ve mentioned on several occasions, the Southern District of New York have been diligently working on a number of cases that involve Donald Trump, his campaign, his inauguration committee, and the Trump Organization.

And they’re not bound by the same restrictions as Congress.

Here’s the latest on that front.

In March, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas relating to several projects by the Trump Organization.

From CNN:

The state’s top legal officer opened a civil probe after Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen testified to Congress in a public hearing that Trump had inflated his assets. Cohen at that time presented copies of financial statements he said had been provided to Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank is one of the only banks left in the world that will do business with Donald Trump, due to his pesky habit of not paying his debts.

The bank was raided in 2018 by authorities, as they investigated money laundering by some of their clientele.

That’s not to suggest Trump or his organization were swept up in that particular case. It’s just to point out that Deutsche Bank isn’t where the most respectable and upright among us go to do their business.

They’ve got a reputation.

According to today’s report, the bank is fully cooperating.

So what are authorities digging for?

The bank is in the process of turning over documents, including emails and loan documents, related to Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC; the Trump National Doral Miami; the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago; and the unsuccessful effort to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.

The bank is already the subject of a joint investigation between the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees into Trump’s businesses and money laundering.

Trump’s businesses have borrowed more than $300 million from Deutsche to finance the company’s Florida golf course and hotels in Chicago and Washington, according to financial disclosures and public filings from 2012 to 2015.

It’s unclear what they think they’ll find, or what they feel the Trump Organization may have done wrong, but we know it’s something credible enough to get those subpoenas served.

That’s just one of the investigations coming out of New York, and the news that Deutsche Bank is cooperating is likely causing President Trump some sleepless nights.

Hey – You wanted to broaden and up your brand. You wanted a bigger platform. More intense scrutiny is a built in feature, so, sit back and take your medicine.

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