Trump’s “Shovel Ready” Infrastructure Plan Has a Hefty Price Tag

Trump’s “Shovel Ready” Infrastructure Plan Has a Hefty Price Tag April 30, 2019

Please, somebody remind me in what way Donald Trump is supposed to be “conservative.”

Seriously, when you scratch past all the orange spray tan and MAGA-speak, all you’re left with is another irresponsible, big spending government hack, living off of a checkbook that belongs to the American taxpayers.

Yes, I know there are some MAGA faithful who will hear this and have 100 fresh memes, ready to go, in order to explain to us why President Trump siding with the Democrats to add another $2 trillion to our national debt is super-conservative.

Remember when President Barack Obama announced his infrastructure plan, calling it “shovel ready” jobs?

Remember how the right balked at the prospect of propping up employment numbers with government boondoggles riding the infrastructure tip?

I’m waiting for those same voices to speak out about what Trump is planning for us.

While meeting with smiling Democrats today, the president went so far as to trash an infrastructure plan already put in place by his own administration.

Trump, meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), made clear that he was never supportive of the proposal calling for public-private partnerships because “you get sued,” according to a senior Democratic source who attended the private meeting in the White House’s Cabinet Room.

“That was a Gary [Cohn] bill. That bill was so stupid,” Trump told the Democratic leaders, according to the source.

Cohn is the former economic adviser to the president. He walked away in 2018, because he disagreed with the president’s daft notion that tariffs are actually a good thing, when it comes to the free market.

Tariffs. Another NOT conservative thing.

So here’s the skinny on the Cohn-backed infrastructure plan:

It would call for $200 billion in federal spending that would be used to leverage an additional $800 billion in private investment over the next decade or so.

Trump was apparently having flashbacks of his personal business dealings, as he declared that the public working with the federal government on these projects would lead to lawsuits.

“[Trump] said definitively he doesn’t like private-public partnerships, and he did not at all support the plan that was put forward last year,” recalled House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), who was among the group of Hill Democrats who met with Trump.

“He said he never supported it,” DeFazio added. “It was a product of a think tank guy, DJ Gribbin, and he said, ‘That was Gary’s thing. I never supported that.'”

Gribbin, an infrastructure policy adviser, also left the White House last year.

As it is, Democrats are absolutely thrilled with the idea of complete government control of the monies that pay for these infrastructure plans, and they want to raise taxes to do it.

Because of course they do.

Today’s agreement between President Trump, Schumer and Pelosi is being hailed as a “bipartisan victory.”

That would be true if there was enough difference between Trump and a Democrat to pass light.

There really isn’t.

Now try this one on for size:

Democrats now hope that Trump’s rejection of public-private partnerships means he’ll move a step closer to their position.

“I would like to do something. It may not be typically Republican,” Trump told the Democrats, according to the senior Democratic source.

More specifically, he wants to spend us into oblivion.

If you were outraged when Obama did this, but you’re perfectly fine with Trump proposing the very same thing, you are a hypocrite.


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  • Michael Weyer

    I still remember the hysterical Ben Garrison cartoon of Trump meeting Schumer and Pelosi months ago that imagines Trump coming out totally on top, them in their underwear as “Trump exposes them totally and has them around his finger.”

    That the cultists believe that as fact just makes it all the better.

  • IllinoisPatriot

    I remember Trump running in 2016 on “his” idea of public/private partnerships.

    You mean to tell me that he’s backpedaling on THAT one too ?

  • Michael Weyer

    Trump has backpedaled so much, it’s astounding he hasn’t gone back in time.

  • RebeccaSusanWright


  • chemical

    Although I support this infrastructure project, I agree with your point that Trump has lived up to very few of his campaign promises. Every president I’ve seen in my lifetime, regardless of party affiliation, makes at least some kind of effort to govern on what he campaigned on.

    Trump does not, probably because concepts like “work” and “effort” are foreign concepts to him.

  • Annemarie

    When I first read this in the WaPo, I had to double-check and make sure that there wasn’t a major mistake somewhere.

    We’ll see if it actually gets anywhere. Aren’t there other infrastructure bills wandering around, sad and abandoned?

    I imagine this has to do with heading off impeachment votes. Yes, our infrastructure needs help. Yes, it would create jobs. (Short-term jobs, I imagine. But it would boost the numbers as we head into another election). And yes, it would leave taxpayers on the hook.

    And on a similar theme…Waiting on the CBO figures for Medicare for all.

  • Ellen Elmore

    Since Trump became president on Jan. 20, 2017, everything he says or does was/is about winning in 2020. If agreeing with the Democrats helps him win, then he will do it. There is nothing conservative about Trump. He is a liberal NY Democrat who just pasted an R next to name. Of course Trump doesn’t care how much money the government spends. He will just print more money if needed. I believe Trump has broken more campaign promises than any president in modern history. Remember his chant in 2016 “lock her up?” Remember “I promise to abolish Obamacare?” Remember “I promise to build a wall at the border?”

  • JASmius

    Back-pedaling implies the sincerity to have ever front-pedaled in the first place. Trump never did. This was just another aspect of his unprecedented con job.

  • JASmius

    Chock up another of my 2016 predictions as vindicated.

    One has to note the weakness that Trump is displaying here. For as nakedly obvious as it appears that he’s trying to provoke his own impeachment as a re-election strategy, this infrastructure capitulation is clearly a functional bribe meant to buy off congressional Democrats – or their leadership, at least – to perhaps split the latter (and their demands for impeachment) from the former.

    It’s highly amusing to a forty-year observer of modern American politics such as moi, as congressional Democrats’ decades-ingrained pattern is to pocket GOP concessions and push for more, not compromise. They’ll be happy to spend Trump’s $2 trillion of borrowed wastepaper and use it as an excuse to jack up income tax rates (not as high as The Porg wants, but moving in her preferred direction). And Trumplicans will meekly and quietly go along with it, like lambs to the 2020 slaughter, because their gilded messiah tells them to, and #Cult45 will cheer the self-same policy (with three times the price tag) for which they (rightly) vilified Barack Obama because in their diseased minds, “infrastructure” = “wall”.

    Three years ago I said that Donald Trump is a Manhattan liberal Democrat with Bill Clinton’s moral compass and Barack Obama’s taste for soft tyranny who would set back the Republican Party decades. I’d call myself a prophet if that prediction hadn’t been easier to read than one of Mafia Don’s grease-smeared pop-up books.

  • Andre Stricker

    “conservative”, you keep trying to tell us what is conservative or not. Tarriffs… not conservative. Mitt Romney “conservative” “businessman”. How is CONSERVING jobs, not conservative ? but working for bain Capital, a job where Romney, litterally, went around looking at failing industries in the USA, buying them, firing everyone, outsourcing the jobs, and bam saying look at me I made it profitable again ! the ONLY way, to keep Jobs in the USA, in the face of competition from China, is Tarriffs. My family owns a factory in Detroit manufacturing paint. It is IMPOSSIBLE to compete, the central planning from the Chinese government, keeps wages low, artificially, so the idea behind globalism is false. Globalism suggested that, low skill jobs will head to these foreign places, raise the standard of living, and end up producing more money world wide, that will come back around, and replace what was lost. But artificial wage controls, artificially controlling the standard of living, Corporate/government overlap, intellectual piracy, no enviromental oversight. You can’t compete with this. this bible thumper crud, and obsession with “muh conservatism” when clearly you don’t even know what this word means. It means to oppose change. How about CONSERVING the demographic and ethnic traditional majority in the USA ? Conserving Jobs that don’t require a college education to support your family.And on top of all of this, I’m a Nationalist, not a conservative, maybe paleoconservative slightly, but I’d perfer Monarchism to the current US system regardless.The idea that something isn’t conservative, what are you trying to accomplish with this ? you think you’re going to sway American Nationalists, National-Populists, Alternative-Right, National-conservatives, with this type of stuff ? the reality is, you people in your ivory towers stuck in washington, convinced we peasants are idiots, are the ones out of touch. People read, they really do, and they understand the world, thats why Trump flipped us here in Michigan to vote republican, anyone who came to Michigan talking about opposition to globalism and the globalized economy, and wasn’t talking “white privledge” would win no problem, I could have told you in 2015 Trump would win, and in fact, got banned from Red State for commenting on one of your posts, for pointing out how dumb and closed minded your views were. the Libertarian, big corporate capitalist, “conservatism”, covered up with a pseudo-christian morality, is dead. if you were a Christian you would be trying to defend the west. Jesus went MMA on the jewish money changers in the temple, and you should be doing the same thing. If you don’t get it yet, nobody is going to be satisfied with”muh conservative principals” while living as peasants, Trump got the formula right for winning the white working class, and you still ain’t got it yet. Just look at the numbers, the rapid number of latino americans converting to islam,lol so called “natural conservatives”. If you don’t soldify around white identity, you will lose any representation in this country, the 1% mostly votes democratic, so policies favoring them, aren’t going to win you elections, we are DONE WITH IT. the new day is identity politics, embrace White western cultural identity, or spiral into irrelevance, and if you succeed in bringing the republican party back from this…. you will have a civil war, we will not quietly accept demographic displacement ANY MORE

  • Andre Stricker

    such as moi….. italicized, very classy. suuper conservative bruh. What in your mind is the alternative to this ? honestly I see you agree on Trump hate, but whats the alternative ? ideologically, I support MERCANTILISM, if you even know what that is, the state exists to protect the well being of the people, including economic interests. I like Russia, I’m young, just turned 30, I’ve been there, love it, I think you have Soviet Derangment. the modern Russian federation is not the Soviet Union, they are a more conservative, christian society then we. The government doesn’t look at low birth rates and say lets replace our people with immigrants, it provides natalist policies to encourage births. It aggressively defends christianity. Russia is conservative, and Christian, the US is the champion of the globo-homo, and destroyer of anyone who steps out of line. My wife is a Russian National, young, and highly educated. It was extremely difficult for us to navigate the immigration system, yet hispanics can just walk across the border. we are a European descended nation, we are in the western civilizational group, our closest alliance is the 5 eyes, USA + the british empire. I can understand, you look down on we working class peasantry, be honest enough to admit it. But because we have a different world view we are stupid ? Anti-globalist,russophile,nationalist, aggressively western, and opposed to demographic displacement. Instead of calling people stupid, explain, what you don’t like about Russians and Russian civilization, explain why you support Globalization, tell me why you’re opposed to Nationalism(even though since the league of Nations its been considered a human right for a people to govern themselves. I think you simply think “people” should be disparate groups with slightly converging economic interests as opposed to a true ethnic nationalism) . and finally explain to me why you think demographic displacment of the the traditional majority is a good thing, and we could debate the issues. Instead you just call names, you “conservatives” are just like the left, they worship money and call it humanism, you worship money and call it “christian”. A man can’t serve two masters, thats in the bible you claim to believe in

  • JASmius

    Wow, I got my own personal Russian bot. I guess I should be honored. None of the above epic run-on sentence was particularly, or remotely, responsive to what I posted. Just a gusher of what Pavel Chekov would have sounded like if Star Trek had debuted fifty years later than it did. Suffice it to say, Andre “The Giant” you ain’t.

  • Andre Stricker

    A Russian bot. You people really drank the Kool aid. I live in Detroit Michigan, My ancestry is almost entirely English, Scottish, and Scandinavian. Got a paralegal degree from Henry Ford College, but my area of work expertise is polymeric chemistry. Before this I was in the army, MOS 35F, Intel Analyst. Your right, I didn’t read none of your blather. I responded to the unknowable, and unfathomable hate directed at Trump and obsession with “conservatism”, which in this country, isn’t cultural, it’s just obsession with no governmental control on the economy.

  • Andre Stricker

    And I could see why you would be someone who believes this nonsense. Lol my old Twitter handle, was included in a public list of 4,000 accounts supposedly controlled by the “FSB asset”, “troll farm”. LMFAO, imagine my surprise, MY Twitter, a former member of the “US intelligence community”, since I worked for the Army Intel Corp, listed as a foreign intelligence service asset. OBVIOUSLY every russophile, is on Putin’s pay. If you ever get that number, I gotta be owed years of back pay lol

  • Andre Stricker

    Suffice it to say Andre the giant you ain’t. Oh my sir ! You wound me ! What a cutting retort ! Your rhetorical skills are overwelhming. “Moi” is utterly dejected !