Justin Amash Unbowed by Torrent of Abuse From MAGAville

Justin Amash Unbowed by Torrent of Abuse From MAGAville May 20, 2019

Of all the political talk burning up the weekend news cycle, perhaps the hottest would be the firestorm created by Michigan Representative Justin Amash.

On Saturday, a month after the final [redacted] version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia and potential Trump campaign ties in the 2016 election was released, Amash took to social media to give what he called his principal findings.

Right away, his take stands out, just for the mere fact that he didn’t rush to a conclusion, either good or bad.

That’s something both sides of the political aisle are guilty of, with most lawmakers declaring Trump guilty or exonerated, based on their particular partisan bent, within hours of the report’s release.

Hey, guys… How about taking time to read and study the report, in full, rather than rushing to a judgment that makes you seem like disingenuous hacks?

I wrote about this Saturday, highlighting Representative Amash’s conclusions.

Of course, what we all knew would happen in this chaotic world of Trumpism, has happened.

Amash has been excoriated by Donald Trump’s flying monkeys, both the average MAGA street dolt and his Trump-faithful colleagues in Congress.

Grasp this: He’s being attacked for taking his time to read and absorb the report, apply his knowledge of the Constitution and the law, and then speaking out.

Partisanship kills.

OH – and of course, now there’s a primary challenger in Michigan, because, you know, a Republican lawmaker with an “A” Liberty Score rating is far too much conservatism for the party of Trump.

We’ll talk about that nonsense later.

Trump called Amash a “loser.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy called Amash’s words “disturbing,” and went on to agree with his boss, Trump.

“What he wants is attention in this process. He’s not a criminal attorney. He’s never met Mueller. He’s never met Barr. And now he’s coming forward with this?” McCarthy quipped. “He wants a Sunday show to put his name forward with a question.”

“But it’s very disturbing. This is exactly what you would expect from Justin. He never supported the president. And I think he’s just looking for attention.”

At this point, I’m going to remind everyone that Justin Amash has an “A” Liberty Score from Conservative Review.

Kevin McCarthy has an “F.”

Then again, the days of Coolidge, Reagan, and Buckley have given way to damnable Trumpism, where “conservatism” is now largely defined by how subservient you are to a big government grifter who voted Democrat, along with giving sizable contributions to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton for many years.

In Trump’s GOP, it’s about looking the other way when Trump fractures, or outright ignores conservative tenets, in favor of the same things they railed against for years.

I guess it wasn’t so much the big government liberalism they opposed, so much as they really just wanted it under the banner of “Republican.”

The argument I keep hearing from the flying monkeys of Trumpism is that with there being no underlying crime (conspiracy/collusion), then there could be no obstruction.

Even to a lay person, that’s a moronic assessment, in the gentlest of terms.

Investigations are what happens before determining someone’s involvement in a possible crime. It makes no sense for an innocent person to attempt to stop the actions that will clear their name. And whether innocent or guilty, any law enforcement agency that hears of a possible crime and fails to investigate is derelict in their duty.

That goes for all law enforcement, whatever the crime, so how much more so those agencies tasked with guarding our nation’s security?

What Trump’s party is attempting to do to Representative Amash in the aftermath of his Saturday statement is beyond contemptible.

They’re working to silence an actual, principled conservative voice within their ranks, when there are so few left in Washington.

So what does Amash do?

On Monday afternoon he took to Twitter, just as he did on Saturday, and answered the cretinous horde of Republican liberals.

Get ready…

Yes, they did, but…

To be fair, they only claim that for this president.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

I saw an article on Justin Amash recently that referred to him as the loneliest man in Congress. I dare say, this will not win him any friends.

With that said, I’m glad to see he’s not wilting or hiding away. He’s facing his detractors head on, without the MAGA histrionics. He’s using the law, and only the law.

That’s the mark of a leader. It’s something we’ve been missing for so very long.

Could someone forward the word to Kevin McCarthy that this is the kind of lawmaker who deserves our attention?





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  • Pearl Nardini

    It is a good feeling to be just a little hopeful…”

  • David Foran

    Bill Clinton was impeached for Obstruction of Justice into the investigation of a blowjob. I’m no expert on the criminal codes but I’m pretty sure receiving a blowjob from a consenting adult is not a crime. Richard Nixon resigned as he faced an impeachment vote on Obstruction of Justice. Richard Nixon was no where near the Watergate Hotel when it was broken into.

    The elements to prove obstruction do not require that the investigation being obstructed even had anything remotely to do with the person obstructing it. Only that the person engaged in activities to obstruct it.

    Even so, underlying crimes were committed. Many of them in fact and people are currently in prison and many more have been indicted as a result. Not only that but the investigation has revealed some things that may not be criminal were about as anti-American as could be. America’s democracy was under attack by a hostile foreign adversary and donald “I love America so much I want to hump the flag at CPAC” trump welcomed that attack on America. As far as embarrassing situations go I’d rather be called a pervert than a traitor. Both Bill Clinton and donald trump both committed obstruction, both to save face from embarrassment, neither because they were facing underlying criminal charges.

  • Michael Weyer

    I called the reaction on Amash early and sadly how they’re already prepping some Trump nut to go against him in the next election. I still don’t see him running against Trump for President (he wouldn’t put his family through the ordeal of being raked by Fox News, Brietbart, Alex Jones, etc) but at least he’s showing not everyone in the GOP is tied to “ah, so Trump is a total scumbag idiot whose policies are ruining the economy and makes the country look horrible but he’s giving us conservative judges so we’re okay with him.”

  • IllinoisPatriot

    Agree with your analysis and conclusion that obstruction does not require an “underlying crime”.

    You actually bring up another fallacy of the left which is their contention that the investigation to find evidence of a crime was illegal because no crime had yet been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    The only conviction that would have RALLY mattered in the Clinton fiasco would have been the conviction by the Senate in Clinton’s impeachment trial.

    That conviction would have resulted in Clinton’s IMMEDIATE expulsion from office with no other option open to the Senate upon a “guilty” finding. That the Democrats found Clinton “not guilty” for purely partisan purposes, then later wanted to “punish” him for being guilty of the actions they had just found him “not guilty” of says MUHC about their hypocrisy and means they have no real moral, legal, or ethical high ground on which to stand to criticize Trump’s actions while NOT impeaching Trump themselves, thereby putting the REPUBLICANS in position to either be hypocritical in their turn or to convict Trump (thereby IMMEDIATELY removing Trump from office, allowing Pence to finish Trump’s 1st term).

    Any bickering now between parties is the noise of two hypocrites vying to see who man make the most ridiculous claims while attempting to run out the clock on the next election, hoping the VOTERS will not notice the sudden increase in dangerous, partisan, hypocrisy, betrayal and corruption that has replaced leadership, patriotism and concern for the country in Wash DC since 1992.

  • JASmius

    Justin Amash: The Last Republican.

  • henrybowman_az

    “It makes no sense for an innocent person to attempt to stop the actions that will clear their name.”

    Yeah, assuming the system is perfect and absolutely impervious to error or abuse.

    A corollary of this assumption would be that innocent people have nothing to lose by talking to police.

  • Ellen Elmore

    In my mind, Justin Amash is a hero. He is the ONLY Republican to tell us the truth about the Mueller report. It is really sad that so many are wiling to cover up the crimes of their boss. Retaining power is more important to them than integrity, honor and moral principles.This nation has fallen so far from it’s Founder’s intentions that if they came back today they would never recognize the U.S. A. Three cheers for Amash.