Trump Plays Toy Soldier as the World Trembles

Trump Plays Toy Soldier as the World Trembles January 5, 2020


Maybe not.

At the very least, those of us who have been paying attention, or who count ourselves among the ever-dwindling ranks of voracious consumers of history and world news should be on alert, today.

Let me begin by apologizing for my absence to my regular readers. I took some personal time, but it appears the time was right to reemerge and remind everyone why I am now and forevermore, “NeverTrump.”

So much has happened since I last checked in.

I could start with the impeachment of the gilded toad residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That, however, is dead in the water, as the feckless bootlicks of the GOP-majority in the Senate have made it known that they will do anything to defend their messiah, even at the expense and well-being of our nation.

We should probably just fast forward to the drastic steps taken by President Trump to distract from his legal and political woes at home.

Last Thursday evening, the president ordered a hit on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

And make no mistake: Soleimani was a bad guy. He carried out atrocities against Americans, as well as his own people.

Normally, when a bad guy falls, there is relief, because his defeat was necessary. Those on the left who took the news of his death as reason to mourn and align themselves with Iran, simply because of their feelings for Donald Trump, are out of their minds.

On the other hand, there are rules to war. At this point, the justification for this hit, which will likely lead to an escalation in tensions between the United States and Iran (as well as their allies), is murky, at best. President Trump and his crew have suggested that Soleimani was planning attacks against our nation and our interests, but where is the proof?

Was Congress notified, beforehand?

Again, murky.

Congress, as representatives of the citizens that vote them into office, are supposed to be notified, in order that the decision to go to war can be weighed against the wishes and best interests of the people. The president, as a co-equal branch of this free republic, is supposed to give the orders and see that the will of the people is carried out.

That doesn’t appear to be the way this was handled, at least, not if you consider the words of some Democrat members of Congress. And no, Democrats aren’t really the most reliable of partners when it comes to defending our national interests against hostile players in the world. That being said, they are a part of our government and they should be heard.

We have an impulsive, unstable man-baby, backed into a corner by his own hubris, soiling himself and throwing a temper tantrum at the world.

I mean, surely I’m not the only one to notice how much more unhinged Trump’s Twitter rants have become, since his impeachment?

On Saturday, he raged about the hit on Soleimani, threatening to order what amounts to war crimes.

“Iran has been nothing but problems for many years,” Trump tweeted. “Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites… some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!”

Hey… remember when the reports of ISIS were in the news, describing how they were moving into various areas of historical importance and destroying treasured artifacts and cultural monuments?

I remember. Just thought this would be a good place to bring that up.

You don’t target civilians or cultural locations in specific, for an attack.

Trump said the 52 sites, which he did not specify, were meant to represent the number of Americans held during the Iranian hostage crisis. Intentionally directing attacks against cultural monuments and religious buildings could constitute a war crime.

Those hostages made it home, thanks to the sound reasoning of a true Conservative statesman, President Ronald Reagan. There’s nothing the Mango Mussolini can do now to top that.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif took to Twitter to respond back to Trump’s rant, in kind:

Having committed grave breaches of int’l law in Friday’s cowardly assassinations, @realdonaldtrump threatens to commit again new breaches of JUS COGENS,” Zarif tweeted, referencing the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Quds Force, in Iraq. “Targeting cultural sites is a WAR CRIME.”

“Those masquerading as diplomats and those who shamelessly sat to identify Iranian cultural & civilian targets should not even bother to open a law dictionary. Jus cogens refers to peremptory norms of international law, i.e. international red lines,” Zarif continued. “That is, a big(ly) ‘no no’.”

I’m not going to say killing Soleimani was wrong. I’m not going to say he wasn’t planning something treacherous against the United States.

What I will say is that this matter is delicate and dangerous for the U.S. and her interests, and it comes at a time when we have a bumbling, self-absorbed, inept con man at the helm of political power.

God have mercy on us all.

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  • Jonathan G. Pugh

    Welcome Back Susan! I Have Sorely Missed Your Intellectually Honest Voice Of Unapologetic, Never-Trump, Reagan-Goldwater Conservatism(Original, Authentic Conservatism). Like You, I Am Thankful That The Fake-Ass “Conservative” Con Artist, In The White House, Has Been Impeached. Ever Since Before The Impeachment, I Had Quitely Hoped That, After Trump Was Impeached, Nancy Pelosi Would Proceed To Sit On The Articles Of Impeachment, Permanently. This Would Deny Trump His Fake, Phony “Exoneration” From His Kangaroo Court Of GOP Lackies, In The Senate. It Would, Also, Drive Trump Insane(More Than He Already Is).Welp, It Looks As like That Is, Exactly, What Pelosi Is Doing. I Can’t Stand Nancy Pelosi, Politically. That Said, I Hope She Sits On The Articles Of Impeachment, Indefinitely. Let Donald Trump And The Entire Trump Cult Pound Sand.
    As For The Situation With The Soleimani Airstrike, I Fully Support Soleimani Being Assassinated. I, Personally, Have No Qualms With The U.S. Military Assassinating Terrorists And Enemy Operatives, Like Soleimani. That Having Been Said, We Both Know That Trump’s Motivation For Taking Out Soleimani Has Nothing To Do With Concerns About Terrorism Or The Safety Of Our Troops. Nope, Trump Doesn’t Care Jack Sh#t About Terrorism Or The Welfare Of Our Troops. What Trump Cares About, Is Distracting Attention Away From Impeachment. Yes, Donald Trump Is Using Bill Clinton’s “Wag The Dog” Strategy. Am I Surprised? Absolutely Not! Truth Be Told, I’ve Been Expecting This Stunt From Trump For Months, Now. Yep, I Wouldn’t Be Surprised, At All, If Donald Trump Starts A Military Conflict, In Clintonian Fashion, Purely To Divert Attention Away From Impeachment And Pump Up His Poll Numbers.

  • Alpha 1

    It’s important to remember that everything bad about Iran is worse in Saudi Arabia, which is an American ally. This is particularly important right now because Trump is openly being bought off by the Saudis paying for rooms in his hotels:

    A lobbying firm backed by Saudi Arabia booked hundreds of rooms at the Trump International Hotel in Washington shortly after the 2016 election, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

    The firm, Qorvis/MSLGroup, “has long represented the Saudi government in the United States,” according to the Post. The group booked nearly 500 nights at the hotel to house US military veterans who were invited to DC to lobby against a law the Saudis opposed, the Post said, citing veterans and organizers of the trips.

    “In all, the lobbyists spent more than $270,000 to house six groups of visiting veterans at the Trump hotel, which Trump still owns,” the paper said. Although the bill for the rooms was footed by the Saudis, only American veterans stayed in them during trips in December 2016 and January and February 2017, according to the paper.

  • RebeccaSusanWright


  • DrHusker66

    Welcome back Susan! I sure have missed your writings. Looking forward to 2020 with you.

  • Ellen Elmore

    Susan, I always look forward to your commentaries. I missed you while you were taking a break. Thanks for sharing your wisdom insight with us. You put on paper exactly what I am thinking. Trump is nothing more than a spoiled brat who doesn’t take kindly to criticism. Therefore having all those advisers is a waste of their time. He won’t listen to them because he truly believes he knows more than they do. It frightens me to think that a man with this mental instability is making decisions for our country.

  • fanodan13

    Welcome back Susan! I’m so glad to read your first post back still calling out Trump’s nonsense, but doing it with a Conservative flair! As true Conservatives we award points to our representatives for acting in a morally appreciable way, but We need to call out wrong when we see it. Indeed Soleimani was an evil terrorist enabler, who demise was hastened by innocent blood on his hands. I just wished that we had a more level headed, calm and cerebral individual in Trump’s stead!

  • John225

    Saudi Arabia and Iran have been engaged in a proxy war with each other in Yemen. Saudi is Sunni while Iran is Shia making them mortal foes. The aggressions against America have mostly been carried out by Sunni. 9/11, the Taliban, Isil are all Sunni. Iran and Iraq are mostly Shia. Soleimani was on a mission not to plan attacks on US interests but to coordinate a de-escalation of tensions with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has acquired a missile system capable of carrying nuclear warheads but isn’t known to have nuclear warheads. Saudi Arabia is what is known as a hedger in that it could acquire nuclear capabilities relatively quickly by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel from its power plants. It has vowed to match Iran’s nuclear capability. It seems inexplicable that the US has allied itself with the Saudi’s besides Iran’s animosity to Israel.

    Killing Soleimani on Iraqi soil would be part of the (very thin) legal justification for the extrajudicial death sentence. The imminent threat (self-defense) justification only applies to non-state actors so by him meeting with Hezbollah leadership on foreign soil they would argue that he wasn’t acting in his role as a senior Iranian military officer. Hezbollah is blamed for the rocket attack on the K1 base (Hezbollah denies involvement). Given what he was really doing there this justification would fail. Opp’s our mistake but you’re dead. So sorry. Actually, I cannot fathom Trump ever admitting a mistake let alone apologizing even though he makes so many mistakes. Stones rules dictate it and he does follow Stones rules religiously even when it makes him look nuts.

  • chemical

    From Susan:

    And make no mistake: Soleimani was a bad guy. He carried out atrocities against Americans, as well as his own people.

    Normally, when a bad guy falls, there is relief, because his defeat was necessary. Those on the left who took the news of his death as reason to mourn and align themselves with Iran, simply because of their feelings for Donald Trump, are out of their minds.

    Absolutely nobody on the left is mourning Soleimani. I’ve heard this lie out of a couple of prominent conservatives, and it’s sickening. It’s just that he was less damaging to US interests while he was alive than he will be, now that he’s a martyr for his cause. We think of it exactly the same way you do: Trump decided to kick a hornet’s nest (likely to distract from his impeachment), thinking he’s going to get a nice batch of cookies out of it or something.

    And now I see that Iraq voted to kick us out of their country. That’s exactly what Soleimani was trying to do — get the US to withdraw their military from the region — so Iran can expand their influence into Iraq. This is a total victory for Iran. Forcing the US Army out of the middle east should have cost thousands of lives and vast fortunes of military spending, but Soleimani managed to do it single-handedly. I’d say “Well played”, but Soleimani is dead, and to be honest, he was playing chess while Trump was playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  • gimpi1

    A not-on-topic aside: any reason for the initial caps? It makes your post difficult to read.

  • John225

    According to the Iraqi prime minister in a phone call with Trump, Trump actually thanked him for setting up the meeting. So, Trump was aware of the purpose of the visit and that it was sanctioned by the highest levels of the Iraqi government. This is why the Iraqi’s are so aggrieved with Trump.

  • CommonSenseModerate


  • CommonSenseModerate

    Welcome back! I disagree with you strongly on a lot of stuff but enjoy your writing and the little community here.

  • Jonathan G. Pugh

    My apologies. It’s an OCD(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) thing. I’ll try to refrain from it in future posts.

  • gimpi1

    No problem. I just had to read carefully to follow your points, and I thought if you went to the time to set them down, you might want to make it easier for your readers to understand them.

    I fully understand mild obsessive-compulsive behavior. I’m kind of a neat-and-clean obsessive myself… if I had all the time back that I’ve spent straightening up… **heavy sigh**

  • Michael Weyer

    Susan, welcome back, missed your fun insight to things!

  • RebeccaSusanWright

    Thank you, Sir.

  • Jonathan G. Pugh

    Out of curiosity, Susan, why was my post, from yesterday, deleted?

  • John225

    The world’s largest humanitarian crisis is brewing in Yemen and Trump has just effectively scupered the peace process. Mid last year Trump vetoed a bipartisan effort to block weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. Remember Trump crowing about how many weapons Saudi Arabia was buying off the US with his giant flash card. I think Trump sees the conflict as good business for one of his key sponsors, US weapons manufacturers. Who is part of the industrial military complex now.

  • John225

    The US Department of Energy has issued seven permits to transfer sensitive nuclear information from US companies to the Saudi government and the Trump administration has stonewalled congress over what those permits entailed. The Saudi government has signed itself onto an old SQP which exempts it from inspections of its nuclear program. The Trump administration seems keen to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia without any non proliferation safeguards. Don’t forget 9/11 had Saudi fingerprints all over it or the Khashoggi killing sanctioned by MBS.

  • Kyllein MacKellerann “

    Two comments: One, those who study history are deep, and current society tends to be wading-pool shallow; and Two, Trump doesn’t Care; this is a diversion away from his Impeachment by Congress.

  • John225

    Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel yields plutonium. The route Iran has taken is extracting uranium 235 (around 1% of uranium). It takes 52kg of U-235 to make a critical mass. Hiroshima bomb used 60kg. Uranium bombs are big and heavy. Plutonium is much more worrying. It takes 8kg of Pu-239 to make a critical mass. Nagasaki bomb used 10kg. You can halve critical mass with a neutron reflector. That is just 4kg (less than 9lb) of fissile material. This is why non proliferation safeguards are so important particularly against reprocessing capabilities and why selling nuclear secrets to a rogue state in a covert fashion is completely unacceptable. This could bite the US harder than it has ever been bit before.

  • fractal

    Paragraphs would be helpful!

  • Andre Stricker

    Ahhhhh, mental illness. Enough said. Like all of the never-trumpers who placed neo-con purism above country you are mentally ill. I was about to refute you but it’s pointless to argue with the mentally and genetically deficient, sorry.

  • Andre Stricker

    SOOO makes sense your name is GIMP I. Another mentally deficient, “OCD” never trumper

  • Jonathan G. Pugh

    Oh look, everybody, another wet-nosed Trump Cuck, pathetically trying to score points for the Trump cult. Poor little Trump babies, they try so hard.
    ” I was going to refute you”.
    No you weren’t, little child. Your too intellectually lazy and too ignorant to do that. All you can do is hee haw about (snort, eyes rolling) “mental illness”. This, coming from a foaming-at-the-mouth Trump cultist, obsessively defending the insane straight jacket-case in the White House, is truly comedic.
    Nice try, junior. You’ll have to do better than that. As for your rambling, failed attempt at trolling, my response, quite simply, is “YAAAWWWWWNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”. No other response is required. Change your diapers, Trump baby.

  • chemical

    Nice breakdown. Nuke chem isn’t my specialty, but good summary.