When It’s All Too Much – BREATHE

When It’s All Too Much – BREATHE July 18, 2020

I needed a break. I needed to step back and just BREATHE for a bit.

So for those wondering why I haven’t written or posted anything in a few weeks, it all has to do with my mental exhaustion. It seems as if every other day, there is something new and horrible. In this age of Trumpism, it’s pretty much baked in. That being said, I’ve been fighting the good fight, sounding the alarm, doing my best to reach as many as I possibly could for five years, now. Trump has only gotten worse and his devotees are as unhinged and mired in the swamp of cultism as they ever were.

We are watching, in real time, how autocratic regimes are built.

Trump stands by and allows our geopolitical foes to put bounties on the heads of our troops abroad. That should be enough for all those “RAH-RAH, AMERICA!!” patriots to call for his immediate removal, but they haven’t.

His corrupt “fixer” in the Department of Justice, William Barr, has set about to remove every check and balance on Trump’s power, by firing inspector generals in various departments. There will be no oversight, and I absolutely do not understand how such a vile, slow-witted man can garner that kind of loyalty.

And then there are those things that have no direct link to Trump, but are exacerbated by the incompetence and corruption of Trump, as president.

The coronavirus has splintered an already-divided nation even further.

I’m finding that people who I’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with in the fight against Trumpism are willing to go for my throat, simply because I’m not convinced that we, the people are getting all the facts about the virus. I see it as a threat, something to be vigilant about, especially when caring for the elderly or those with compromised immune systems, but I don’t think shutting down the world indefinitely is the answer, either. In fact, I think that invites more problems. Given that health officials and organizations like the CDC are willing to give a pass to protesters, as far as the masking and social distancing, while insisting that bowling alleys, churches, and schools are problems, it’s hard to see this as anything more than political fear-porn.

There are steps we can take, like basic hygiene and continued social distancing that could – and should – be encouraged. Treating this as a world-ending plague, however, is over the line.

Then there is the issue of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter protests.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong. It was nightmarish. I haven’t watched the video. I’ve seen the stills and read the reports. That’s all my heart can handle.

The man was given a death sentence by an arrogant fool, hyped up by too much testosterone and a badge.

Later reports say that Floyd and the officer who orchestrated his end, Derek Chauvin, worked together as bouncers at a local nightclub. There may have even been some beef between them, at some point.

Whatever the case, and whatever the problems that may have existed beforehand, George Floyd was executed over $20.

Do we even know that he was aware that he was passing a counterfeit $20 bill, that day?

It doesn’t matter. His life did.

I have a new-found appreciation for the Black Lives Matter message. It’s not that they’re saying ONLY black lives matter, but that black lives matter, too.

That being said, the Marxists who have invaded the movement and have overly involved themselves in the protests couldn’t care less about black lives or the message. They only want to burn the system down, and they’ve found a platform to work from with BLM.

If you want to wreck a society and turn a nation into a smoldering, blackened hellscape of anarchy, you first must end the system of laws that keep a nation upright.

Not every law enforcement officer is a Derek Chauvin. Not every black citizen is a target. The continued protests that are too often devolving into rioting, looting, and the destruction of property do nothing to advance racial harmony. If anything, it furthers the divide, because the message is being lost in the chaos.

Attacking law enforcement, calling for a defunding of the police is ludicrous. If anything, more funding needs to go towards law enforcement. There needs to be better training, more involved psychological testing and screening of potential officers, in order to prepare them for the streets they will be patrolling.

We need a system of laws that work, and that work for everybody.

We also need to be vigilant, as citizens, in policing our own. Our law enforcement officers can’t be everywhere, and they are outnumbered. They recognize this. If we want to decrease the number of interactions with them, then take responsibility for your neighborhoods, and for what you allow to be done in your name.

I’m talking directly to the BLM activists, here. Expel those from among you who seek to cause destruction, rather than build bridges. It will take your cause much further.

I’m watching all these things going on and it grieves me. It should grieve everyone. How we respond, however, is key.

For me, I’m remembering that none of this is a surprise to Father God. He is still on His throne, no matter how our society breaks down.

No matter who is president, what policies are enacted, or how many people take to the streets to rage and riot, there is a God seated in Heaven, and He is preparing to call His people home.

This world will not be saved, and no cause is greater than the cause of Christ.

It is the winning of souls for the coming kingdom that matters. That assurance of a heavenly hope is where our focus should be, especially in times of trial and uncertainty.

“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace. In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” [My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.]” – John 16:33 (AMP)

I really did need time away from the fight, just to regroup and align my head with what my heart already knows – that this is just a temporary suffering. What comes after is the eternal peace and glory.

Does that mean I’m done fighting against Trump’s corruption and the kakistocracy he and the GOP have built?

Not at all!

It just means I’m refueling, renewing, and ready to jump back in the fray!

Let us not lose focus on those things that matter, while we continue to shed the bright light of truth on our current circumstances.



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