did trump just remove “prolife” from his policies website?

did trump just remove “prolife” from his policies website? November 9, 2016

MOST RECENT UPDATE: it appears that what eyewitnesses report having initially seen was not the site itself, but a posted press release. All press releases have been removed. The site itself, it seems, has never listed anything about opposing abortion or defense of life as one of Trump’s policies. 

It looks as though he did. And so, Catholics and pro-lifers have been sold a line, indeed. As Mary Pezzulo over at Steel Magnificat states eloquently:


Congratulations to all of the staunch conservative “pro-lifers” who decided this was their one issue and the only way to achieve it was to vote Republican. Congratulations to everybody who called me a pro-abort when I said that ‘pro-life” leaders needed to repent of their Republican idolatry. He used you and dumped you, just as Steel Magnificat and anyone else with more sense than gravel predicted from the beginning. Now you know what his ex wives feel like. I hope you feel filthy. You elected a pro-abortion philandering racist narcissist, because you thought it was the only way to be “pro-life.”

I stated all along that Trump was a liar, but his supporters took him at his every word, except for when he boasted about sexually assaulting women: then, they said, he was just kidding, exaggerating.

It would seem that he was kidding about being pro-life as well. And the worrying thing is that with his policies, and with Republican bootstrap-mentality politicians in power all over the nation, the social safety nets that are so crucial for protecting life may begin to unravel.

We at the New Pro-Life Movement have a hard task in front of us, with a government that seems allied against life ethics on every level. Please consider joining us.



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