I reject the false unity of exclusion and supremacy

I reject the false unity of exclusion and supremacy November 9, 2016

Donald Trump tweeted early this morning:

Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before

Will we? What about the immigrants, the Muslims? What about black American citizens whose fears about legitimizing racism have been brushed aside as whining? What about the addicted, the disabled?

What about all of us who reject the narrative of supremacy, and do not believe America can be made great again because America never was great, built as it was on the suffering of native peoples, the evils of slavery, the backs of exploited workers – made rich through greedy devouring of resources – engaged in war after war after war? What about those of us who are not interested in national greatness, who question the very idea of national interests, but instead are concerned with the well-being of all living things?

I’m not sure who the “forgotten man and woman” even are.

I don’t think so, Donald.

And as those who cheer you on invite ideological opponents to join them in peace and unity, I have to answer: yes, I embrace peace and unity, but not false peace and forced unity. The unity that comes only by excluding all those who don’t fit in is not the universality of the Church Christ founded. It’s the unity of the privileged in their isolated little bubble; it’s the ideal of racial supremacy and eugenics – which is what Trump has been about all along.  Building walls, and exiling the refugee: this is not the way to any unity of which I wish to be a part.

So my challenge to them, then, is this: reject the false unity made possible by exclusion, domination, and racism, and join those of us who are in solidarity with the poorest and least among us, building bridges instead of walls, as our Holy Father has encouraged us to do. Otherwise, enjoy your little bubble. I pray for you, but won’t be joining you in it.

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