May 30, 2016

I’ve lived through sixeen years of two different Hitlers and, amazingly, lived to tell the tale. Read more

May 27, 2016

A vote for a third party is not a vote for Hillary. Nor is it a vote for Trump. It is a vote for a third party. Read more

May 26, 2016

Outraged at the divine, I decided I was tired of being good, and would begin to be bad. How can I regret that, though, the years spent underground, a sightless nymph struggling towards unseen light, sipping the sap of survival? Read more

May 25, 2016

In the July 2012 issue of Yes! magazine, Peter Dreier writes about “The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller”: “In her investigations into the causes of blindness, she discovered that poor people were more likely than the rich to be blind, and soon connected the mistreatment of the blind to the oppression of workers, women, and other groups, leading her to embrace socialism, feminism, and pacifism.” We all know the story of the deaf and blind girl who was “miraculously” transformed… Read more

May 23, 2016

In Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, the atheist brother Ivan refuses to believe in a God who allows the suffering of children, and says that even if there is some inexplicable benefit to be derived from this, he will not have it. “I respectfully return the ticket” he says. I sympathize. Read more

May 21, 2016

Faulkner spoke of the conflict of the heart as the “only thing worth writing about,” and this is true, whether one writes about religious weirdos, mermaids and dragons, aliens who live in seven dimensions, pretty ladies in floral gowns, angsty teens, or suburban families obsessed with having perfect lawns. Wriggle your way into the heart and, it turns out, no one is dull. But without this interiority, everyone is dull, even the sexiest mermaid or the most mind-boggling alien. Read more

May 19, 2016

While repeatedly, throughout history, lust for wealth and power has driven humans to clever interpretations and evasions, even in the name of God, Christianity as such has always been intimately connected with a preferential option for the poor. Read more

May 18, 2016

Can an organization do an examination of conscience? No, but those who oversee it can. And I recommend that insofar as possible, they take the example of Archbishop Cupich and the Archdiocese of Chicago not as curious anomaly, but as an example that they are morally obligated to follow. Read more

May 18, 2016

Crews are working to clean up over 88,000 gallons of oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico as a result of a leak in a flow line connecting four wells owned and operated by Shell. The leak was discovered on May 13, when a two by thirteen mile sheen on the water was spotted by helicopter; since then has been contained, and drilling stopped at the site. By the 15th, the Coast Guard reported that over 50,000 gallons had… Read more

May 17, 2016

if I catch the light just right, my sloth might look like virtue, indifference like peace. Read more

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