Awakenings of Hope: A Q&A with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Awakenings of Hope: A Q&A with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove July 31, 2012

This month in the Patheos Book Club, we’re hosting a conversation on an inspiring new book, The Awakening of Hope: Why We Practice a Common Faithby Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. Jonathan is an author, speaker, church leader and “new monastic,” living in community with his family and a dozen other folk in Durham, NC.

Jonathan has been blogging about and documenting the new monastic movement for nearly a decade now, and this new book represents a culmination of his thinking on the awakenings that are happening in small intentional communities of faith across this country everyday.  Designed to be a catechism of sorts of the Christian faith — an exploration of the “why” of living in community and engaging the practices we do — the book is also available with a DVD study guide featuring Jonathan and fellow new monastic Shane Claiborne, making this resource ideal for small group study with others in your church, community or neighborhood.

We spoke with Jonathan this week about the book; the “great awakening” taking place all over the country; and how you can be a part of creating “awakenings of hope” in your own communities.


Visit the Patheos Book Club for more conversation, and to read an excerpt from The Awakening of Hope

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