Witch Way Is The Right Way

Witch Way Is The Right Way March 3, 2017

This is Flump. Assistant to convention recovery.

Now that I have gotten the event coverage posts up, it’s time to settle in and talk about the practice of witchery.

While I was in the middle of focusing on events and all of the travel/preparation they involved, my facebook feed went bonkers over the “binding” spell thing.  I got tagged dozens of times in numerous “articles” – all asking what did I think of it all?

I tell you nothing makes me happier* than looking at sensationalist post after sensationalist post filled with unflattering and fictional depictions of witches – especially when I’m actually busy doing the work in real life.  (*sarcasm)

No I get it, I’ve been over here and there posting about #WeAreAradia, cursing, and owning your power, so folks did want to know what I thought and if it was related in some way.  I can see where the mix-up and confusion can happen.  I really do understand, so I’m not knocking anyone who asked or tagged me.  I refuse to dis anyone sincerely asking a question.

But as an introvert put into big social situations, dealing with a lot of stress (yes, conventions are fun, but they’re extremely exhausting as well) – I couldn’t “even even” right then.   I posted on my personal page: “I keep getting tagged in the recent article. I am at Convocation right now with limited mental bandwidth right now, so I don’t have energy to write and respond to all of the tags/shares. I have lots of personal thoughts, but the simplest thing I will say, across the board: do the work you feel you need to do. Do it every day in whatever form works for you. That’s what matters most. #WeAreAradia

It really comes down to nuance, intent, and focus.  I’m not going to critique someone else’s apparent spellwork, beliefs, or enthusiasm to cause change.  I think I have made my own personal ethics and morals pretty darn clear.  (If not, then let me know, I’ll happily ramble on about them.) My personal practice is a lot more subtle, reserved, and well-crafted.

Among my goals with #WeAreAradia is to inspire folks to strengthen their own personal practice, tap into the many ways they can bring about change in real, calculated measures, and above all – to THINK for themselves.  I’m not going to tell you what to do step-by-step, but I will enable you to help figure out the best method for yourself.

If participating in a much-publicized working made by whomever floats your boat and gets you moving, then I really can’t knock it.  In fact, it probably satisfies many of the same brainspots a protest or solidarity march touches.  But as I have said with marches and protests – once you’ve done thing, what ELSE are you going to do to make a difference?  And there are many paths and practices, many systems and sides to consider.

What are you going to do to personally build and expand your OWN practice, hone your skills as a Witch, and exercise your will?  What are you going to do by yourself or in your groups, without all of the hype and publicity? What spells will you cast – of your own making?  I’ve long said that the best spell is the one you craft yourself. What is going to be the most effective for you personally and locally as well nationally and globally?

Don’t be sheep.  Be wolves dressed as sheep. Know, will, dare, and understand the silence.


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