Witchcraft is Cookies

Witchcraft is Cookies March 22, 2017

cookiesI swear, the things that come out of my mouth when I’m teaching.  Which then take on a life of their own.  They inspire the people who hear it firsthand from me, within context.  Then probably confuse the hell out of people who hear or see it afterward.

(It could be an argument for me to watch what I say.  But I think it’s a better reason for why you should experience me live in person.)

At Paganicon this past Friday, I taught “The Authentic Witch: Crafting A Working Tradition.” I talked about defining authenticity and how to truly craft a tradition/path that works for you. I also alluded to many of the issues I tackle right here in this blog.  In particular, one topic that’s been percolating for the last few weeks in my head.

And that is: cookies as a community/personal metaphor. In particular, the sandwich cookie – may that be an oreo, or fudge cookie.  Basically picture a cookie that has two crunchy sides and a creamy filling uniting them.

How is it a metaphor? It may sound silly or flippant, but I’m pretty serious about cookies – almost as serious as I am about Witchcraft.  There’s nothing fluffy about it, if you look past the creamy filling and crumbs. (But gods know, having a sense of humor does help our outlook on things – more on that in an upcoming post…)

Current trends in our society (all the way down to our marginal community areas) tend to be very extreme when reacting to news and events.  That if someone did or said X, then they’re completely good or completely bad, depending upon what X is/was.  Everyone seems quick to jump on the bandwagon of praise or set someone on fire for their supposed crimes. But life isn’t like that, it’s far more nuanced.

Human beings are mixed up, messed up, complicated creatures.  We can do great things in one breath and make stupid mistakes in the next or previous. Considering that we are spirits embodied in physical (and often flawed) containers, that shouldn’t be a surprise.  But we’re often so quick to forget that and paint something or someone as one thing or another.  That it must be this side or that side of the cookie.  But both sides are identical in many ways.  Which one that is on top or bottom is a matter of perspective – and they’re united nonetheless by the squishy, creamy center. No amount of licking will remove the creamy center that connects the sides.

The two sides of the cookie can be any number of issues, opinions, and realities.  One good example is age: young vs. old.  It’s important to understand that with every generation, how we communicate changes.  We see ourselves as one side of the cookie…then over time, the cookie flips, and BOOM! We’re now on the other side.

So it’s vital, especially as Witches, that we take time to consider what connects us.  To not see everything in hard terms, but the soft space in between.  To perceive beyond the obvious and look deeply into the liminal. That we take time to consider the intent and meaning behind both words and actions, not just our own reactions and possible triggers. So that when it matters most to define or discern someone or something, we know we have made a solid, balanced, thoughtful choice.   To know that we understand and taste the whole cookie and not just its parts.

And sometimes that cookie is oatmeal raisin, and it is deemed naughty in our eyes and mouths.

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