Welcome to the Conspiracy

Welcome to the Conspiracy December 5, 2017

conspiracybanner2Let me let you in on a little secret.  There is indeed a conspiracy happening around these parts, but it’s probably not one of the rumors you’ve heard.

You know, the ones that the far edges of my social media keeps coughing up like a cat with a hairball problem.  Ones that make even less sense than a lawyer who can’t negotiate with finesse. (There are definitely moments where I count my blessings for intelligent friends and acquaintances who make my feed beautiful, varied, and grounded. Thank you.)

I can’t speak to those rumors, but I can tell you about this very real thing we’re doing, right now.  Each of us from our own secret headquarters, located in a liminal place known only to the gods and occasionally the UPS man.  Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, and other assorted Pwords – we’re all united in our task.

And this plan is so devious and dark, yet so obvious and out front, it’s like we’re posting it in newsletter format to your inbox.  And there was even a contract involving a guy known for displaying horns.

Here it is.  Prepare yourself.  Are you ready for this deviant mystery? (scroll past the image)


Us writers here at Patheos Pagan are writing from our hearts, minds, and spirits.

BUT WHY??? HOW DEVIOUS!! you may cry—

Why? Because each of us in our own way is reaching out to you, our readers.  We’re hoping to stir the cauldron of your mind. Our goal is to share ideas, educate, and help folks to think in new ways that strengthen your own paths.  From time to time, we are opening the window to give you a peek of some of our own intimate experiences as we walk our own paths.  And there are many perspectives to choose from, because there’s over 70 different people writing from our secret cave lair.  (FYI, we keep it lit by candles because none of us are particularly good at dusting regularly, since we’re so busy scribbling away…)

You’re not going to agree with everything you read.  Not everything is going to be your cup of tea. In fact, you might read something that cracks your crystal! But on the bright side, you may see a different point of view, you might learn about something you didn’t know, and even better, may become more secure or confident about what you think, believe, or do.  I consider that a win, regardless.

Have a lot of opinions about stuff?  If you’re writing comments that are small books, then maybe you should consider meeting the guy with the horns at the Internet Crossroads. Then you too could possibly join in on our nefarious game of writing from our souls in the hopes of helping others.  It won’t hurt…much.

FYI: This post was inspired by a comment that then gave me a dream where before I posted this very piece, I did a song and dance for my fellow writers, complete with a movie screen projector presentation – in our secret lair.  Alas, that dream post had bullet points that I can’t remember…..anyway….Thank you, you very special person. The laugh was greatly appreciated it.

And if you can’t handle the salt in this, you can always water it down to your taste.

(Art features details from Franz Simm’s “Faust” etching)



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