Day40: Continuing the Journey

Day40: Continuing the Journey April 19, 2014

Continuing the Journey

by Rev. MargaretAnne Overstreet

After 40 days of stories and reflections about gardening, hospitality, cooking classes, industrial agriculture, subsistence farmers, hunger, and food choices … we have only just scratched the surface of that hard-to-define topic of ‘food justice.’

The stories from the 40 Days for Food Justice project have touched us, challenged us, taught us, and opened our eyes to the ways in which food affects us and connects us. These stories have encouraged us to consider our food choices in a new light, and to be more mindful of every meal.

Let us hope that the 40 Days for Food Justice project’s 2014 Lenten series has been the beginning of a continuing journey for each of us, as we seek to allow our food choices to reflect our love for God, made manifest by loving our neighbors, loving ourselves, and acting as good stewards of creation.

Loving our neighbors. Loving ourselves. Acting as good stewards.

Perhaps you have new insight about how healthy food choices help you care for the body that God has given you.

Maybe you are beginning to think differently about what it means to support small farmers, whether around the corner or halfway around the world.

Perhaps you are considering ways in which you can be active on behalf of those who do not have enough to eat.

Maybe you are looking with new eyes at your grocery cart, as well as your plate.

Perhaps you are thinking about how your food choices affect the natural world.

Maybe you are becoming interested in community gardens, or in weekend groceries for hungry school children, or in other ways your congregation or community can minister to those living with food insecurity.

The season of Lent is a time when we allow – and even expect – ourselves to take a closer look at the ways we are living our faith and to be challenged to deeper forms of discipleship. As we leave the Lenten wilderness, we (hopefully) seek make changes and commit to new practices that reflect all that we have experienced on the Lenten journey.

However, with a topic as large and complex as food justice, where do we even begin?

First, follow your heart. Allow yourself to focus on one or two things which have particularly touched you, challenged you, or interested you. All of the topics that are part of the larger ‘food justice’ umbrella are important, but none of us are called to tackle all of them, all at the same time. Start where you can

Secondly, seek out others. Talk to friends, neighbors, church members, co-workers – anyone you know who might be interested in the justice issues related to our food choices. Share some of the 40 Days for Food Justice project’s stories with them. See what kind of conversations begin, and where those conversations lead you.

Third, continue the journey with us. Stay connected with the 40 Days for Food Justice project through our website ( or though our Facebook page. We’re already looking for 40 new stories of food justice for the 2015 Lenten series, and we not only want to hear how your story unfolds, but we also want to be an ongoing resource for anyone seeking to foster greater food justice in their community.

Blessings on your continued journey!



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