Day 14: Watering in the Rain


(We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Watering in the Rain Talitha G. PhillipsCalifornia has had a bad year for rain. In late January we were informed it was the worst drought ever recorded.  We’ve all been putting buckets in our showers to catch water for our gardens – an early morning ritual performed with increasing fervency, nearly a prayer.At Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland, California, we have a community garden, constructed and mostly maintained by the youth group mem … [Read more...]

Day 13: Just.Good.Food


(We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Just Good Food Rev. Sarah Moore-Nokes In college, my roommates and I were known for (what we thought were) epic meals. Let me set the scene for you.  Most often we were a haphazard group of 10 or 12 squeezed around a table that could only legitimately seat 6.  Some of us were old friends but there were also always a few new faces who gathered with us to share a meal of bread and cheese, fresh farmers market salad, cheap wine and at either en … [Read more...]

Day 12: Why are you eating?


Now that we have asked ourselves the first three questions ...1) Where does your food come from?2) How was your food grown/raised?3) When are you eating your food?... and having taken time to consider the answers to these questions, what have we learned about our food and our food choices?And - equally importantly - why are we choosing to eat what we're eating?In other words, are we fully aware of the justice implications of our lunch choice today? What ethical priorities … [Read more...]

Day 11: When are you eating your food?


I do not have bananas growing in my backyard, but that doesn't mean that I can't have a banana today (or any other day) despite the fact that the banana would not normally be found in a place with 5 inches of snow on the ground.Modern transportation allows us the luxury of having nearly any kind of food, at any time of year ... and not just as a special treat, but regularly and consistently. But in response to such a wide variety of food choices, we must consider the ethical implications of … [Read more...]

Day 10: How was your food grown /raised?

community meal3

At the core of this question is a conversation about sustainability.In the service of greater productivity and with a mandate to feed the world, our industrial food system embraces chemical pesticides and herbicides, petroleum-heavy fertilizers, genetically-modified versions of crops, and confined feedlots.Despite these 'advancements' in agriculture - which pose environmental, health, and animal welfare concerns - there are still more than 800 million people around the world who are … [Read more...]

Day 9: Where does your food come from?


Tracking our food back through the maze of the industrial food system to the farm from which it originated is an impossible task. Usually, we can track it back to its country of origin, but rarely to its farm of origin.There are only two ways to know exactly where your food comes from: either to grow it yourself or to buy it directly from the farmer who grew it.For some of us, either of those options are feasible.For some of us, neither of those options is feasible!On average, … [Read more...]

Day 8: Comfort Food

community meal1

Certainly, eating is an agricultural act, connecting us to those who grow and harvest the food.Of course, eating is also an ecological act, tying us to the land and the environment.Eating is even a political act, as we use each and every food dollar to cast our 'vote' about how we want the world to be used and the kind of food system we support.The sacredness of the Lord's Supper or the Passover meal remind us that eating is also a religious act.And there can be no doubt that … [Read more...]