How sadly adolescent. How High School.

How sadly adolescent. How High School. May 6, 2005

Margaret Carlson deserves a good fisking for this childish, petulant and immature waste of space, but I haven’t the energy. Writing about the never-ending story of Laura Bush’s appearance at the WH correspondent’s dinner (because the members of the press are both too lazy to find other stories and too stuck in a hate spiral to move on) Carlson kvetches about how horrifically dull the event usually is (I remember no such whining during the Clinton years) and then goes into her Maureen-Dowd-Tina-Brown-Aging-Schoolgirl drone:

The president only tolerates these ordeals until about 9 p.m. when he starts fidgeting in the fancy outfit his mother forced him to wear, hoping to get out in time to catch the end of a ball game.

How tiresome, unfunny, played out and just plain nasty. Carlson reminds me of a kid who wasn’t chosen for the basketball team and five years later, still can’t get over her resentment. We get it already, Maggie, YOU HATE HIM.

Go find something useful to do and stop inflicting your bruised boomer sensibilites on the rest of us. You’re just boring.

Oh, and she ends with this admonishment re President Bush and all the ills of the world:

Still, no matter the winning performance, if the president doesn’t do something about those things soon, we will wonder what a nice girl like Laura is doing with a guy like him.

Because, you know, President Bush has done NOTHING about ANYTHING in the last five years and seems not to know that his job is to make America safe.

Again, I must have missed it when Carlson warned Bill Clinton to stop clowning around, worrying about his wonder-schlong, midnight basketball and school uniforms and maybe get busy doing something about the repeated attacks by Al Qaeda on our interests, properties and naval vessels. Oh, I forgot. Clintonian peace meant never actually doing anything in response to such issues. It was all about lip-biting and saying the right things at the photo-op.

Carlson and Dowd and Brown – they all sit and sneer and snort knowingly to each other, all their same tired lines. Their crowd has long been out of ideas, so they are kicking the dirt and narrowing their eyes, making faces, sticking out their tongues and saying, “oh YEAH???” like spoiled children. “You just wait! We’ll get you!”

We have to endure a few more years of this. And then they will begin to write regular columns panting over the pantsuited wonder as they prep their queen for a homecoming. They have never left high school. They will never leave high school. How very, very sad they are. And pathetic.

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson talks here about the inability of the Democrats to evolve and grow up. Only he says it much, much better than I. I plead sickness for today, but in truth, he always says everything better than I! :-)

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