One leak investigation deserves another

One leak investigation deserves another November 7, 2005

It’s time to seriously look at the CIA, and to who it was who put – apparently – operations and agents at serious risk.

Only seems right, given that the non-outting of non-covert Valerie Plame has generated a two year investigation and thousands of news articles.

Those darn leakers! They are so troublesome! As we remember here, when a leaked memo between members of the intelligence committee, which discussed ways to take down the president caused such consternation within the press and to the Democrats. No one wanted to talk about the content of that memo, but there was lots of harrumphing about the fact that it was leaked.

I guess just like some women are the “wrong” sorts of women, and some sorts of minorities are the “wrong sorts of minorities to be celebrated and lionized (conservative ones) SOME sorts of leaks are the wrong sorts of leaks, and some are the right sorts.

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