Alito more independent than Ted

Alito more independent than Ted February 2, 2006

It’s Ed Morrissey’s headline not mine, but I stole it because Ed’s so right. Noting that Justice Alito’s first move from the bench was hardly a goose-stepping one, Ed writes:

It’s worth noting the Justice’s independence of thought and consideration of the law. This should embarrass every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as everyone who took part in anti-Alito smears. It didn’t take long for Alito not only to prove them wrong but to expose them for the hysterics and McCarthyite wretches they are. Will they apologize? No way; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take credit for expanding Alito’s vision of the law with their disgraceful conduct in the hearings.

I’d say Ed has their number. Honest self-criticism is likely beyond the ken of the members of the Judiciary Committee, who have grown comfortable with shamelessness. Sigmund Carl and Alfred have noticed as well.

Betsy links to a Wapo piece on the politics behind Sam Alito’s elevation to the bench, and points out that reality wins over caricatures every time.

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