A workable immigration solution?

A workable immigration solution? June 8, 2006

AJ Strata has posted an idea he has for a workable solution to the illegal immigration impasse that is tearing up the right. I like it. I don’t know if hardline, “ship ’em all back, no matter what” folks can see their way to this, but it sounds good to me.

The House can fix this problem by adding this necessary package to the Senate Bill. We should deport hard criminals (felonies) who are immigrants because they have shown themselves unworthy of our largess. The anger on the right is confusing a breaking of the process with a real crime. If they could focus this on real criminals we would all be in agreement. My guess is they have decided to make a stand and tell us all to shove it. Which is too bad. Because that means another round of nothing for another ten years.

I really hope not. As I said yesterday, most Americans would not regard “nothing” as any sort of victory or good governance. Read the whole thing.

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