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Answers, Questions, Religion & Politics May 12, 2008

A Salesian Priest with a new blog sends me this link – I thought it was a terrific video, but I couldn’t shake the notion that this young priest looks (and sounds) like a young, fluffy-beared Tom Cruise:

Q: So, any truth to the rumor that Pope Benedict’s trip to the US may result in more priestly and religious vocations?

A: Maybe. In the Midwest and South, the Catholic church is showing good numbers in both areas, but the coasts are suffering from a dearth of applicants. God certainly calls, but the noisier the world, the harder to hear. However, this article is promising anyway. And we need them. Another encouraging story here.

Q: Yeah, you need priests but would you let either of your sons become one?

A: If that’s what they wanted, sure. But honestly, I don’t see it happening. Elder Son and Sweet Girlfriend want to get married and Buster…he’s looking forward to playing in a piano bar this summer, not hanging around the church.

Q: Below you said that things seem “upside down.” With all of these tornados, earthquakes, floods, threats of famine – it all seems sort of “end times, biblical,” doesn’t it?

A: Only if Al Gore becomes the Democrat nominee.

Q: Okay, off religion, what to do about Hillary?

A: Well, now that she’s getting stubborn, it seems to me the folks who protected her 15 years ago are going to tell all they know. That story seems like a warning shot across the bow; “leave or your legacy and Bill’s dies this year.”

Q: James Lewis over at American Thinker is wondering how it is Democrat pols seem to come out of nowhere to become “the favorite for the White House”, over and over?

A: Well, you can do anything with an acquiescent press. Tom Maguire notes that just as the press was incurious about John Kerry’s actual military records, they are now using a very soft-focus lens on Obama and anything about him that might make the American voting public uncomfortable about him or his associations. Mac’sMind spells it out using a vulgar but not inappropriate metaphor. The press is also ignoring a story that would have been “compelling and important” if it involved McCain or any Republican.

Q: What do you think, Hillary as Obama’s veep?

A: I hope not. Seems Hillary wants it. Here is an interesting thought: this fellow says Obama is an apostate and will not be able to work with Middle Eastern countries. With things as they are, do we want an “apostate/female” ticket that will be completely unworkable in the ME? Also, I can’t help but think of it, sorry, but if Obama becomes identified as an “apostate,” that will make his veep choice even more important. It would be too awful to see something horrible happen to Obama, see the Big She ascend to become the “First Woman President” and have to wonder, forever, how that all came about. The country doesn’t need that.

Q: Here is a 7 step plan for John McCain to beat Obama. Whaddya think?

A: I think if McCain wants to beat Obama all he has to do is say it again and again: your gas prices and food prices and disposable goods prices are all out of control because of this. And keep saying it. And saying it. Also, he needs to just give Michelle Obama lots of room and airtime.

Q: Seen IronMan yet?

A: No, but I might. There is some scuttlebutt that he is the Catholic Batman.

Q: One last thing: this new archbishop was derided as a “hard-liner” just like Pope Benedict, and people were “afraid” of him and “worried” about him. Now, people are getting to know him and he is not fitting the media narrative built around him, just like with Benedict. Why does this sort of thing keep happening?

A: Because the press’ instinct is always to denigrate a churchman unless he is a “maverick” working to bring the times into the faith, instead of the faith into the times. Also, people just listen to the Rocky and Bullwinkle press too damn much.

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