Christmas Climate: Lie down and die

Christmas Climate: Lie down and die December 11, 2009


The Christmas season is domestic; and for that reason most people now prepare for it by struggling in tramcars, standing in queues, rushing away in trains, crowding despairingly into teashops, and wondering when or whether they will ever get home. I do not know whether some of them disappear forever in the toy department or simply lie down and die in the tea-rooms; but by the look of them, it is quite likely. Just before the great festival of the home [Christmas], the whole population seems to have become homeless.
— Chesterton on Christmas Shopping & Home
(The Thing: Why I am a Catholic)

Tea-partiers and the classless left: “Pretend to die; because they’re pussies and won’t die for real

Climatefakes and Forced Abortion: It has always really been about the suppression of humanity and of human life. I wrote the other day:

How the Evil must dance when a new life is disallowed, shredded in utero, and the [Christ] flash, the “yes” snuffed out. How Evil must smile in content when the means by which God permits us to assist in creation are waylaid, or purposely directed toward what is only decaying, and corrupted and utterly dead.

It all reminds me of the moment I knew I could never vote for Al Gore for president, even though I had never voted for a Republican for that office, before. I watched Gore work a crowd; he was sweaty and nearly hysterical and he said, “this is a contest between good and evil.” And my flesh crawled. I didn’t know why, exactly, but I wrote to my Li’l Bro Thom, adding a quote from Gore that sounded all-too-much like the old enticing promise, “all of this will be yours…”

Thom, center-left, wrote back that his flesh, too, crawled. “Too familiar,” he wrote.

The is a profoundly anti-life and anti-liberty subtext beneath the heady rhetoric of “planetary salvation” we get from the proponents of Climatefraud. We need to control your procreation, to save the planet. We need to control your options, to save the planet. We’re saving you, don’t you see?

The illusion of material salvation through the disruption of life perhaps began with the sexual revoltion; back then, the fakery was about so-called “freedom”.

Indeed, times DOES prove where wisdom lies. Some forty or more years after widespread acceptance of contraception set in how have we done? Perhaps it is best to review some of the “promises” that contraceptive advocates made, then review the [warnings] of Paul VI. Then lets review the record . . .

It is an enduring irony
that one of the most prophetic and wise teachings coming from the papal throne made the error of not proclaiming itself “infallible.” In fact, Humanae Vitae, which almost everyone scoffs at, but few have ever read, told us we would end up precisely where we have, with powerful people and movements working diligently to suppress life, which comes from God.

Since life comes from God, then an effort to suppress life is an effort to suppress God.

An effort that will fail, of course.

It is evil to not want life, or to want only limited and acceptable “versions” of life; it serves evil to create a giant illusion meant, finally, to do away with as much life as possible.

That’s what the terrorists did on 9/11: they did away with as much life as possible. If they had been able to kill 30,000 or 300,000 on that day, they’ve have been just as happy. The Climate-alarmists are not going to kill us outright, they’re just going to embrace not-living until only the “best” are still alive.

Somehow, it is always at Christmastime that these Death-Crusaders are at their busiest, trying to shut things down, and explain things away. And that makes sense, actually. For as long as the notion of God Incarnating -becoming “one of us” in joy and suffering, and in death, and in new life- can be internalized and held on to, they can never really rule. We will always be too free.

“What we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument.”
–C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

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