Pat Robertson and Haiti – UPDATE

Pat Robertson and Haiti – UPDATE January 14, 2010

Someone asked me what I thought of Pat Robertson’s very quick assertion that Haiti has been “cursed by God.”

Oh, for crying out loud!

What sensitivity and timing! Sort of like going up to a mother whose just lost her children in a house fire and saying, “well, you’ve sinned, so you had this coming, but now you’ll turn to God, and I’m gonna help you.”

Pat Robertson loves to do this; he loves to wade into horrific situations with the double-edged sword, one side marked “God’s Vengeance” and the other side marked “God’s Mercy,” and he is so damned clumsy with the thing, that as he flails about with it, he ends up cutting himself, wounding those he supposedly cares about, causing a bleed-out within the Body of Christ, which is the Christian Church, and generally making a balls of it, as my Auntie Lillie would say.

The double-edged sword is not Pat Robertson’s to wield; it is God’s. I wish he’d stop trying to pick up what is too heavy for him.

Allen Sherman used to sing a folk song of his own creation:

Little David Susskind, shut up.
Please don’t talk, please don’t talk
little David Susskind, be still.
And don’t talk.

For a much better – longer and more thoughtful – response, read Peter Wehner at National Review

Allahpundit: He’s a crank but a consistent crank

Ace: He Moves in Mechanical Ways

Perhaps Robertson could talk up this idea: Fasting for Haiti:

What if thousands of people decided to fast 1 to 3 meals and then donated $5, $10, or $15 to relief efforts to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti?

Offering the fast for good of the people of Haiti. I like that. It ties in so well with Psalm 122; 8-9:

For love of my brethren and friends
I say: “Peace upon you.”
For love of the house of the Lord
I will ask for your good.

Compare and contrast – Archbishop Dolan’s remarks

Mirror of Justice more on “the curse” – that’s a must-read.

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