Feast of Charles Lwanga & Ugandan Martyrs

Feast of Charles Lwanga & Ugandan Martyrs June 3, 2010

St. Charles Lwanga and Companion Martyrs

Via Fr. Steve:

Today is the feast of St. Charles Lwanga and his companions, whose martyrdom, as discussed here is especially moving and reminiscent of the early Christians:

They were marched to Namugongo, where, bound with ropes, shackles, iron rings and slave yokes, they waited for one week. During that time the martyrs prayed and sang hymns; the Catholics among them recited morning and evening prayers, grace before and after meals, as well as the Angelus and the rosary, in preparation for their deaths. On June 3, before the execution of the rest of the young men, Charles Lwanga was put to death by the king’s men. He was wrapped tightly in a reed mat, a yoke hung on his neck, and was thrown onto a pyre. As a taunt to his executioners, Charles is said to have shouted, “You are burning me, but it is as if you are pouring water over my body!” Before he died, he cried out, “Katonda” or “My God.”

His companions were killed in the same gruesome fashion.

How are Catholics in Uganda doing in 2010? Fr. Robert Barron sends videos, words and pictures from Uganda as he prepares The Catholicism Project. Here is one video:

Hey, the good Knights of Columbus, whom I love? They wear feathers, too! :-)

On a serious note, please remember Bishop. Luigi Padovese, like Bishops O’Malley and Chaput, a Capuchin, who was murdered in Turkey today, on this feast of martyrs. Padovese appears to have been working with a Muslic cleric to foster better relations between the two religions.

A beautiful and sadly unembeddable video from Malawi.

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