Eucharistic Adoration is Life Changing

Eucharistic Adoration is Life Changing June 30, 2010

I’ve written before how my fraying life snapped back into focus during a chance encounter with Eucharistic Adoration. I’d been driving down a street with the windows open and heard the noontime bells ring as I passed a church. Obeying an impulse – ahem – I decided to stop in and maybe light a candle.

When I entered the church I saw the altar, alive with candles, and the gleaming monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament. “Oh, they do Adoration here,” I thought, with something like joy bubbling up inside me. I fell to my knees before the Presence and simply, quietly adored for what I thought was five minutes. When I rose and looked at the clock, an hour had passed.

Nothing in my life has been the same, since then. And that is a very good thing. Since that experience I have rarely missed a chance to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, and when a week goes past without that opportunity, I can feel the lack and the longing. Last year’s retreat, which afforded me the opportunity to Adore for hours was, as regular readers may remember, when I returned, everything was different. It still is; the lessons of that retreat have not yet run out.

Little have I realized, as we learn here, in this little gem of an exposition on the subject by Fr. Robert Barron, of Word on Fire, that some would see my love of Adoration as a sign of my ignorant, ill-educated mind. I am, of course, ignorant and ill-educated, but my visits to the Eucharistic Christ do supplement my education. I once heard a nun describe Adoration as being analogous to sitting in the sun. You don’t feel its effect until later.

Jennifer Fulwiler, former atheist, makes me jealous as she recounts her monastic retreat and what she learned from living on a monastic prayer schedule
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