"We had Cancer & Christ in Common

"We had Cancer & Christ in Common October 20, 2010

“Friendship” by Picasso

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and Pat Gohn has permitted me to reprint an affecting piece she wrote a couple of years ago, about her own breast cancer, and the a deep and faith-filled friendship that came like a balm and gift to counter the medical chaos:

Sometimes friendships blossom where we least expect them — like in foxholes. That echoes my relationship with Judi. I was in a battle, but lacked experience. As a cancer veteran, Judi helped me adjust my armor while pointing out weapons to fight my fear. She spoke about her own suffering and struggles with faith, what it means to deal with utter darkness and then choose to reach for the light. Walking me through that minefield, Judi was a one-woman support group and mentor rolled into one.

Months went by. My treatment and recovery period yielded an excellent prognosis. Conversations with Judi changed from cancer to other subjects. We had Christ and cancer in common, but slowly found more.

The crucible of faith. You’ll want to read it all, and if you know someone whose life has been touched by breast cancer, why not forward it to them? Especially if they’re feeling distanced from faith, because of it!

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