Hey MSM: Bachmann & Palin not the same!

Hey MSM: Bachmann & Palin not the same! July 16, 2011

Max Lindenman has a really good analysis up over at his place, looking at why the press is making a mistake in trying to treat Michele Bachmann like Sarah Palin:

Heading up Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone profile is a caricature in which a a wild-eyed Bachmann sits astride a horse, wearing armor and brandishing a sword. This is not rally a picture of Bachmann at all; it’s a picture of Sarah Palin with Bachmann’s face, or something like it. If the media really expect to rattle Bachmann, they’re going to have to put that kind of wishful thinking to bed. They’re dealing with an altogether different animal with altogether different weaknesses. Unless the media can sound those out, they may have to get used to another conservative president who, like Reagan, dressed for success in Teflon.

You’ll want to read the whole thing.

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