As Mothers Day Looms, Two Obituaries to Die For – UPDATED

As Mothers Day Looms, Two Obituaries to Die For – UPDATED May 7, 2013

Well, in a manner of speaking. I hope when I die, my kids can manage to produce something as wry and fun as this:

Waffle House lost a loyal customer on April 30, 2013. Antonia W. “Toni” Larroux died after a battle with multiple illnesses: lupus, rickets, scurvy, kidney disease and feline leukemia. She had previously conquered polio as a child contributing to her unusually petite ankles and the nickname “polio legs” given to her by her ex-husband, Jean F. Larroux, Jr. It should not be difficult to imagine the multiple reasons for their divorce 35+ years ago. Two children resulted from that marriage: Hayden Hoffman and Jean F. Larroux, III. Due to multiple, anonymous Mother’s Day cards which arrived each May, the children suspect there were other siblings but that has never been verified.

She is survived by the two confirmed, aforementioned children. Her favorite child, Jean III, eloped in college and married Kim Fulford who dearly loved Toni. They gave Toni three grandchildren: Jean IV, Ann Elizabeth and Hannah Grace. Toni often remarked that her son, Jean III, was “just like his father,” her ex-husband, Jean Jr., a statement that haunts her son to this day.

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And then, there is this obituary about Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s pretty mother.

Over at First Things, Maureen Mullarkey reminds us that Mothers Day is Looms; she doesn’t much like the holiday, but has fun with it:

Truth to tell, I do not like Mother’s Day. It is a mawkish, manufactured holiday—a counterfeit tradition like Kwanza. But now that it is upon us, women might as well make the most of it. This is the day to milk what remains of filial guilt for all it is worth. Lay it on thick, sisters.

I too am ambivalent about Mother’s Day. I love having my kids around me, but on the whole would rather not have to deal with “celebrating” but then, I am a curmudgeon in that way. I’m sure the children of mothers recently passed would be happy to have the chance to slog their way over with flowers for their moms, one more time.

Speaking of Mothers, Rick Rice at Brutally Honest has a story about two mothers that will give you chills. Certainly raised my goosebumps. Go read it!

And a classic obit for a dad

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