Why do YOU skip Mass? UPDATED

Why do YOU skip Mass? UPDATED May 15, 2013

Lisa Hendey posts on an interesting study on why Catholics skip mass.

I’ve written over at First Things about a brother of mine who goes to Mass every day of the week, but never on a Sunday; the noise and the over-busyness of Sunday liturgies is beyond what his fragile nerves can endure, and rather than spend an hour being uncharitable, impatient or panicked, he just avoids mass on Sunday, and trusts that between God and his pastor, he’ll get by with a stretch in Purgatory.

On the rare occasions that I miss mass, it’s usually because I’ve meant to go to a five o’clock mass and then gotten so distracted that I’ve missed it. Admittedly, that usually happens when the clocks are turned ahead or back, and the sunlight fools me. Holy days sometimes throw me off, and send me running to confession because I hate not being able to receive Holy Communion the following Sunday.

A few decades ago, though, I missed mass quite a lot, and it really came down to a combination of awful music, uninspired homilies and my own spiritual immaturity.

But Lisa’s post made me curious: when you have skipped mass, why have you done it? If you routinely skip mass, why? What is not working, for you?

What would make you leave the church?
Deacon Greg just got an email from someone who says the crying babies are driving her away! Writes Greg:

She may not feel it now, but she is always welcome. Always. The same door she walked through to leave remains unlocked and open, awaiting her return.

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