3-Minutes Hate; Anti-Sex League; Doubleplusungood!

3-Minutes Hate; Anti-Sex League; Doubleplusungood! December 18, 2014

Golly I just took a look at Hot Air, and saw these two stories: University of Michigan Prof: It’s OK to hate Republicans and Defining Nearly All Sex as Rape, a notion with which one of my own Senators seems enthralled:

During an MSNBC-hosted panel discussion on Monday at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Gillibrand said she was considering taking the “yes means yes” law to the federal level.

“I definitely have been studying it and looking at it,” she said. “I think there’s something there, and I think that is where our debate needs to go.”

Oh, my! And there is also this: Marquette University Tells Employees, Opposition to Same Sex Marriage Could be Unlawful Harassment

Let’s see…sanctioned hate: check. The beginnings of a movement to control and minimize sexual activity: check. Defining what people may or may not think: check. Oh, and, “correcting” history via strategic line removals? Check.

George Orwell, call your office…

One more stocking stuffer idea, for your teens…

1984 book

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