Yes Virginia, Christmas Cards ARE Still a Thing

Yes Virginia, Christmas Cards ARE Still a Thing December 4, 2023

Christmas ornament that can look like the cover of a card

It’s that time of year when we start looking in our address books to figure out who still has the same address and who does not.  Why?  Because for most of us, the holidays are the only of time of year when we get in touch with our friends and family the old-fashioned way: Christmas cards.  In the age of technology where sending an email card is more convenient or when just posting Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate is just enough, sending a Christmas card just adds a little something special.

I’ve always had pen pals since high school.  I even have a few prison pen pals through at least 2 pen pal ministries.  Writing and sending letters to people near and fun, taking the time to put pen to paper and getting that little surprise in the mailbox.  That’s my philosophy towards sending cards around the holidays.

In todays world, we have so much going on.  The holidays increase the busyness ten-fold.   So, if we forget to send a card, no big deal.  We can just create a picture via an phone coloring app that says Happy Holidays or whatever greetings we choose, post it up, and we’re done.  Those that don’t have a physical address and like the use of an email address, we can do the same thing or use websites like to send a card to multiple contacts within minutes (depending on how picky you are about the card you want to send).

However, there are those of us who LOVE to take the time to get a card, letter or a little present in the mail.  It not only shows that someone took that time and spent the money, but it also shows they care.  It’s something tangible, something we can feel.  And believe me, when I get a card in the mail on the holidays, I can feel that love.  And in return, I send that love back.

You have no idea how bad I feel when I’m just a bit late or maybe I may end up missing a year or a few people when I send a card.    However, most people I know are understanding.  They know I have a lot of things going on in my life and if I miss my mark, no big deal.

However, who says that you have to send all of your cards by December 25?  The holiday season, especially the Christmas season usually ends at “Little Christmas” or Orthodox Christmas Day.  That’s how I always followed the time-frame.  And I have also found that even just getting a card a day or two after Christmas Day is somethings an even better surprise than the expected card that comes before.  Sometimes you may want to try sometimes.

The other fun I have with sending holiday greetings is that it gives me a chance to connect or sometimes reconnect with people I’ve lost touch with or only say hello to on my Facebook, Kakao Talk, Skype or other messenger accounts.  Because not only do I have friends within the United States but also in other countries like Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.  Not only do they celebrate Christmas but the Chinese New Year usually comes around a week or two after Little Christmas, so it makes getting and sending various cards a lot more fun.

For those who do not have access to technology and social media, sending a physical card is kind of like a lifeline to the outside world.  This is especially true for the incarcerated who just need to know that someone is caring, praying and loving them unconditionally.  It makes a world of difference for them.  For seniors, it brings a lot of joy because they know that someone is still thinking about them.  If someone is stuck in a hospital or nursing home, getting a simple card is all they need to make their day and make dealing with their infirmities just a little bit better.

Yet, there is one very important reason I have yet to mention that I shall share now when it comes to sending Christmas/holiday cards.  It’s mainly about spreading the love.   This is the time of year that while it’s a happy time, for most people it’s a very difficult time.   A lot of people suffer from depression, loss of family members or illnesses or other circumstances that prevent them from spending time with their family.  Suicide rates are at their highest this time of year so being that lifeline is vitally important.

If you think or believe that sending a Christmas card is not still a thing, go to your local pharmacy, Walmart or other department stores.  Various boxes of cards are still being sold at pretty good prices.  If you want to save money, you can Google Christmas card coloring pages and choose from templates that you can print, color and send or do on the website and print to send to your loved ones.   It doesn’t take a lot of time no matter how you send it physically.

It make take some time (and maybe longer than you want), but all that time and love you put into it is worth it.  In addition, this is the time of year where a lot of us creative people become the MOST creative.  So, of course working on cards is in our wheelhouse, besides decorating and cooking.

Most importantly, however, it’s all about the love.  Spreading the love.  And what happens when you spread the love, you will get love back.  It’s good karma.

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