I wear makeup. Call me Jezebel.

I wear makeup. Call me Jezebel. November 24, 2021

Blank canvas. No makeup.

In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned all the reasons I’m a bad Christian. In today’s blog, I’m going to address one of those things I listed: makeup (and maybe clothes).

I love makeup – buying it, wearing it, watching YouTube videos about it. I love to try unconventional colors and looks and just experiment. For me, my face is a canvas and the makeup is the paint. And while the Bible says women should be “modest,” I’m just not buying it. I simply do not believe that my “painted eyes” are going to cause men to be beside themselves with lust.  And if they do, that is not my intent.

That being said, let me clarify a few things.

The “natural look.” Which sometimes takes longer.

I’m not exactly walking around in lingerie.

When I say I don’t dress modestly, I don’t mean I dress “sexily” – I mean dress LOUDLY. I love bright colors and crazy prints and unique accessories. The clothes are very clearly representative of my personality. I am loud and boisterous and bubbly. But I am also happy, respectful, and intelligent. So I guess I’m also not the silent, soft-spoken woman the Bible says I should be. Whattya know?

I’m not a slave to it.

I think the intent is more important than the end result. Am I dressing this way to attract attention? Am I wearing this makeup to attract men? Do I feel like I can’t leave the house without makeup? No. I am not a slave to the way I look. I enjoy makeup and clothes, but I’m just as happy walking out the door with hardly any makeup and a big comfy sweater. Does dressing up and putting on makeup make me feel good? Sure. Is it a requirement? No.

My husband loves it.

This just might be my favorite makeup look. And, my shirt has llamas on it.

My husband loves when I dress up and wear makeup. It puts a smile on his face. He loves the crazy stuff, the dark stuff, and the normal stuff. However, he also thinks I am beautiful when I’ve been wearing the same sweats all weekend and the only makeup on my face is whatever my micellar water couldn’t remove. So he’s not a slave to it either – but he sure does like it. So I’ll be painting my face regularly if for no other reason than that.

I guess I don’t have a specific opinion on whether or not makeup is OK – I get both sides of the argument. But I also remember how Paul reminds us not to be a slave to anything – which is where I believe the sinfulness comes in.

I love me.

I love who I am – beautiful and wonderfully made in God’s image. However, I am also creative and colorful and a little wacky – and part of that comes out in what I wear. And quite frankly, of all the stupid, sinful crap I’ve done for which I’ve been forgiven by the blood of Jesus – makeup, colored hair, and loud clothes probably don’t even break into the top ten. Plus, as I said before – I believe the intent is more important than the act.

In the past, my motives were probably less pure, and I acknowledge that. I found my self-worth in the eyes of men. I spent a lot of time focusing on my face and not enough time focusing on my heart. But now, I find my self-worth in the eyes of Jesus – and in being the best wife I can be for my husband, who happens to like it when I dye my hair and wear black lipstick.

Who DOESN’T look good in green lipstick? I mean, really.

I’m not trying to draw attention or attract men or hide who I am. I’m simply just being me – and that “me” includes purple eyeshadow and leopard print shirts from time to time.

And if you think that’s sinful, then feel free to call me Jezebel.


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JC LaChette is a wife, author, music lover, and weirdo. She has degrees and coursework in communications, English lit, business, accounting, neuroscience, cognitive psych, and upper-level math. She is a firm believer that Christians don't have to fit a particular mold, and the paradoxical Christians are the most fun. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with the love of her life, reading, thinking, watching Frasier for the millionth time, and buying & wearing new makeup. You can read more about the author here.
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