Sigil for Migraine Management

Sigil for Migraine Management October 15, 2020

Sigil and Incantation for Migraine Management. Image by Sidney Eileen.
Sigil and Incantation for Migraine Management. Image by Sidney Eileen.

May overwhelming pain dissolve into nothing,
and visual auras calm and abate,
as tension unwinds,
inflammation reduces,
and sensitivity to light, and sound, and touch
return to normal.
May self-care be achieved,
and rest and relaxation found,
returning to natural energy levels,
and greater spans of time between bouts.

This sigil for migraine management is designed to help provide relief from the symptoms of migraines, and to reduce the frequency of such occurrences.  If you are experiencing a type of migraine which does not include one of the symptoms mentioned (I usually get auditory migraines without auras), this will still work, because it encourages normalcy of sensory experiences, which is what anyone with any kind of migraine wants.

It was created to work in conjunction with appropriate care for the migraine, be that medication, rest, or something else.  It supports such efforts by making them more effective, shortening the amount of time the migraine lasts, and hopefully lengthening the amount of time before the next migraine.

Sigil for Migraine Management - worksheet 1, by Sidney Eileen
Sigil for Migraine Management – worksheet 1, by Sidney Eileen

When creating this sigil I immediately knew the basic structure I wanted to use.  It focuses in a downward direction, moving from the frenetic agony of the migraine at the top, and reducing symptoms until grounded wellbeing is achieved.  The distance between each node is greater the further down you go, supporting lengthening time between bouts.  Most of the renditions were attempts to get a shape for the bottom that felt right.  In the end, the heart is the arrow, driving home the goal of overall wellbeing and alleviation of symptoms for the most effective migraine management.

This is specifically charged with the following intents (as well as the incantation):

  • Supporting self-care and good health
  • Supporting relaxation and rest for recovery
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced tension
  • Reduced hearing sensitivity
  • Reduced light sensitivity
  • Reduced auras and return to normal vision
  • Reduced touch sensitivity
  • Increased natural energy
  • Reduced frequency of future occurrences
Sigil for Migraine Management - worksheet 2, by Sidney Eileen
Sigil for Migraine Management – worksheet 2, by Sidney Eileen

How to Use the Sigil for Migraine Management

You can use this sigil in any way that is in line with its intent and makes sense for your practice.  These are just a few suggestions.

  • Inscribe it on the container for your migraine medication.
  • Inscribe it on a candle, which can also be anointed with lavender and other herbs which help with migraines.
  • Print it or draw it on a piece of paper and place it on your altar, over your bed, or somewhere you see it regularly.
  • Put a copy in your wallet/purse.
  • Use it as the wallpaper, login background, or screen saver on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Use it as the focus for meditation.
  • Draw it on your eye mask or eye pillow you like to use for migraines.
  • Draw it on a bottle and make enchanted water using lavender and other herbs which help with migraines.
  • Draw it on a bottle where you keep herbs or oils for migraine aromatherapy.
  • Draw it on the forehead, or on the back starting at the base of the skull, using herbed water, salted water, anointing oil, and herb blend, markers, temporary tattoo pens, etc.
  • And so on.

Your rendering of the sigil does not need to be perfect.  As long as all the elements are there, you are good.

Also, this sigil may be used with color magic.  I have rendered it in white on black paper because that is how I like to work, but when re-drawing the sigil for active spellwork I will use whatever colors feel appropriate for the specific situation.  As long as the color(s) you use make sense for you and the intent of the sigil, it is a valid application.

Like any sigil, it will be most effective when it is used in conjunction with real-world actions.  Be sure to do what you can physically to abate your migraine, and if you are under the guidance of a doctor be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.


If you share this sigil, be sure to link back to this blog post so others who see it can find out exactly what it is charged to do.  Sigils are most effective when the user knows exactly what they were created to do, and that is also the only way they can be certain this sigil is right for them and their situation.

This sigil is Creative Commons licensed:

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as they credit Sidney Eileen and license their new creations under the identical terms.

Want to Make Your Own Sigils?

I use the method described in the excellent book Sigil Witchery, by Laura Tempest Zakroff.  Anyone can make their own sigils. You do not need to consider yourself an artist.

*NOTE: Edited to include a few words about using color magic when rendering the sigil, to type out the intents listed on the worksheet for the sigil, and to swap the main image for one where the title would be more visible when sharing.

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