I read the news today, oh boy…

I read the news today, oh boy… December 14, 2011

… Don’t you love how mainstream media exhibits the highest journalistic integrity and gets their facts straight, presenting all the pertinent information to the public?

What wait?

Interestingly, WaPo, BBC, and CNN all failed to mention one bit of crucial information, that Nordine Amrani is a Moroccan born Muslim. The only thing all the news sources seem to go through great pains to point out is that this was not a terrorist incident.

Contrast this with the media coverage of the Italian shooting that happened the same day. When Gianluca Casseri shot two Senegalese market traders in Florence every single reporting agency noted he was an “Extremist Right Winger” in the headline or mentioned the fact within the very first paragraph. Every. single. one.

In other media news; Time Magazine names The Protester the Person of The Year. To quote that great professor of higher learning, Severus Snape, “How touching. I think I’ll vomit”.

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