Bibliophiles, a question for you…

Bibliophiles, a question for you… May 9, 2012

Leah Libresco asks, “… what’s the first book you’d recommend to someone on the other side to open up a conversation to get them to eventually switch teams?”

Ms. Libresco’s question is open to all religions affiliations but for the sake of my Papist sensibilities lets remain focused on Catholicism. And you only get to chose one. Also, I would be interested to know what the first book the converts and reverts read about the Church that sent them swimming the Tiber.

I’ll go first. I recommend…

Jesus wants you to buy this book

Fr. Robert Barron, Catholicism- A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Why this one over, say, something written by Chesterton? I chose it for it’s simple clarity. He not only discusses all that is good and true, he delves into what is beautiful about the Church as well. This one book touches on all aspects of Catholicism; Mary, the sacraments, tradition, the saints, and prayer. It is impossible to read it and not have very clear insight into the Church and all She professes.

The very first Catholic book I read was “Why Do Catholics Do That“. I picked it up in the parish library and it seemed like the easiest and most straight forward thing on the shelves. I wanted to know why Catholics do some of the weird stuff they do and the title matched my curiosity. It was an easy read with basic information. Perfect for where I was in my understanding of Catholicism.

Your turn.

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