DNC Does Not Want To Be Punished With A Child…

DNC Does Not Want To Be Punished With A Child… August 24, 2012

… So did you hear the one about how the DNC has barred children from attending Charlotte’s convention? The punch line is that feminists revolted. No, not that they are revolting. They revolted. As in, they got all righteously indignant and pretended to like children – for a minute.

“Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women,” said Gloria Steinem in a statement noted by the Charlotte Observer. “It’s both right and smart for the Democratic Convention to behave as if children exist.”

Which reads; children are to be tolerated only for political gain. When the elections over we can go back to aborting them.

Now before you start hollering that this is precidely what the GOP is doing; exploiting unborn children by running on a “pro-life” platform, know that Romney’s been forced to address the abortion issue because democrats are refusing to acknowledge the abysmal economic condition of the country that has been spiraled ridiculously out of control by Obama. Look, squirrel!!

It’s so much easier for democrats to fans the flames of feminists hysteria by focusing an entire campaign on women’s reproductive health. Irony alert: calling infanticide reproductive “health”.

These diversion tactics are going to backfire; polls show that more and more people are identifying themselves as pro-life. In fact, democrats are so desperate to run with the “reproductive rights” and “health” platform, attempting to draw criticism away from Obama’s glaring failures, that Debbie Wasserman has no problem blatantly lying to advanced her Democratic agenda.

Because to Wasserman an outright lie is more palatable and justifiable than a republican president. The ends justify the means.

Which brings me back to the DNC. Color my perplexed when feminists balk at the unwelcoming atmosphere for children and nursing mothers. Last time I checked this administration was still the most anti-life our country’s ever seen. Nothing’s changed, right? Obama still hates babies, especially those nasty pre-born ones. And the speakers; presidents of Planned Parenthood and NARAL-Pro Choice America! The last thing Cecile Richards and Nancy Keenan want to see are infant eyes staring back at them from the audience. Talk about awkward. No, we can’t have any of that; not while we’re toasting Moloch.

Kiddos, you’re better off staying home. Safer too.

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