Stupid things I do on any given Monday…

Stupid things I do on any given Monday… October 7, 2013

… Today I ate an entire package of Quaker Rice Cakes. I am pretty sure nutrition doesn’t work that way. In other news, Obama’s federally funded golf course at Andrew’s Air Force Base remains open while he continues to close access off to monuments, parks, roads, and oceans. I’m pretty sure that’s not how a presidency is supposed to work either.

In Social Studies today, my son asked his teacher how come Obama hasn’t been impeached yet when all Nixon did was break into an office building. Tomorrow I’m anticipating his expulsion from school and my arrest for being a treasonous racist.

After dinner, The Boy & I headed to a local park to walk the track. While there we spotted a group of ladies prancercising! Did you know people find it super creepy if you just walk up behind them and try to join in?

Maybe I’ll buy myself a nice piece of original artwork to take the sting off of being socially awkward.

Speaking of being socially awkward… there are people STILL talking and writing about the Pope’s interview. I know!

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