Ask Better Questions

Ask Better Questions May 27, 2022

“The important thing is to never stop questioning.”  – Albert Einstein

I believe a lot differently than I did 10 years ago. When I honestly let myself be curious, I found deeper and better answers.  Sometimes the answers are very simple, but often they are nuanced and mysterious and complicated.  I am so glad I asked those questions. I could have never navigated my stroke recovery with my old understanding.
The key to discovering beauty and truth is to remain curious, not defend what I already know.
We can’t solve the problems and challenges of the 21st century with old ideas. We can’t cling to beliefs and ideas just because the group we are familiar with believes that way.
As the world evolves, our understanding of it has to move with it, or we will find ourselves somewhat irrelevant to the world around us.
When Jesus said the kingdom is within us and to seek the kingdom first, he made it clear that objects, such as mechanized weapons, are not to be “treasured.”
There are no simple, catchphrase answers anymore. Many of these things are complicated and, when we try to oversimplify them, we end up missing the target completely.
Solving the big problems is scary, because we have to leave the comfort zone of our pad answers, and compromise and cooperate with others to find the best solutions. It’s really always been this way, the problems are just different these days.
Speak up, use your brain, and love your neighbor!
Be where you are, be who you are,
Karl Forehand

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