Sharing Our Story

Sharing Our Story August 1, 2023
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I love when people read our books.

It’s not what you think. The dream is not profit, especially the ones with a publisher where you get to keep very little.
For me, the dream is sharing stores. I see this part of writing as magical. It’s similar to when we share our stories on podcasts. When we resonate with someone else’s story, it’s not like they’re prescribing something for us, but there is an intimacy that is hard to describe.
I think this is why I became a pastor. Something in me knew I was a storyteller and I liked to experience the mutual benefit of sharing stories with others. Too bad religion gets tangled up in the toxicity of running the business and profiting and can’t just be a group of us telling each other stories and listening with love.
Like Paul Young said, “Our stories are sacred” and I believe we need to recover this idea and move forward into the future, sharing our stories in our own unique way until we have vanquished the toxicity of religion and the power structures that enslave us.
Our primary outlet is our books and blogs which are filled with our stories of pain, healing, and growth. When you resonate and then share yours with us, we rediscover a simple love in its purest form.
I hope you find your true and authentic self, and then begin to live out of that way of being. As you are being and becoming what you already were, I hope you find your best way of sharing your story and singing your songs to us and others around you!
Be where you are,
Be who you are,
Be at Peace.
Karl Forehand

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