How to Stop the War on Women

How to Stop the War on Women June 18, 2012

Ann Smith is Co-Founder and Director of Circle Connections


When I hear the phrase “war on women” I sadly shake my head at the folly of the human race for allowing this terrible tragedy to continue. So often we in the United States think that this war is not here, but it is covertly fought, especially against women of color. It is much more than serious than political rhetoric.

Several years ago when I was part of an Episcopal women’s leadership retreat on the Piute Reservation in Nevada, I picked up a local paper that had an article about Native American women having the highest murder rate in the nation. I was shocked and wondered why this was a hidden fact in public awareness. I went on to find that Native Alaskan women had the highest rate of violence done to them and the least opportunity for finding a safe place. The numbers of women and girls in sex trafficking in the United States and worldwide is beyond our imaginations…

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