Poem from the heart: Sing Out Our Spirits, Oh My Sisters!

Poem from the heart: Sing Out Our Spirits, Oh My Sisters! August 27, 2012

Yvette Warren is a grandmother and a newly ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Her blog is called “One Family, Many Faiths”

How desperately my friends reach out to me,
Wanting to save my soul, which is already free.
It is such a source of sadness to them and to me
That we, on our faith, cannot agree.

My friends are bound by the words of men,
As if women’s voices aren’t part of salvation.
They defer only to the words that men intended
When the editors of the bible, women’s words amended.

We seem to have the collective souls of slaves,
Who have been taught that their spirits are depraved.
And as the slaves hid behind their master’s names,
We are afraid to our own enlightenment claim.

We have birthed new creation, fought the good fight

With love and compassion, and with earthly might.
We have been given long lives; after our work is done
We have the time to share our Spirits of Wisdom.

My God is mother, father, brother, sister, and friend;
My God is creation’s beginning, middle, and end.
My God is the power to seek the best in all
And to begin again with new life whenever I fall.

So I’ll sing my soul to all who will hear,
Those far away and those who are near.
I’ve thrown off the shackles of my mothers’ shame;
Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are my brothers’ names.

I believe they all have gone back to oneness with God;
They were true to their mission, as on earth they trod.
Just as we all will become one with the source,
If we are true to our Spirits and stay our course.

We have born the blame of the fall of man,
But we are equals in The Spirit’s plan.
It is time that we sing out our Spirits
So that all creation can clearly hear it.

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