Writing from the heart: Divine Feminine – Called by Many Names

Writing from the heart: Divine Feminine – Called by Many Names August 14, 2012

Ann Smith is the director of CircleConnections


I know deep within my soul that to embrace the Divine Feminine is the way to save our planet. We know that to bring harmony to humanity the Divine Feminine must be illuminated, praised, loved, honored and prayed to along with the Divine Masculine. We know that by calling Her name including our own we are embodying the Divine; we become Her hands, feet and heart. We gain the courage and wisdom to be the change makers needed today.

Finding Her in patriarchy is not easy and in some settings not safe. When we honored and celebrated Sophia, Divine Wisdom, at the Re-Imagining God ecumenical conference in 1991, some women attending were fired from their jobs and some received death threats. We know that to embrace the Divine Feminine is healing and empowering for many women and men and frightening to those who want to maintain patriarchy…

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