Why come to “Alchemy: Occupy your sacred self”?

Why come to “Alchemy: Occupy your sacred self”? September 4, 2013

Ask someone why they went to the grocery store and you’re likely to get a fairly simple answer (“Duh, I needed groceries”). Ask them why they went to school to study and you might get slightly more varied responses: (I needed the qualification / I was interested in the subject / I wanted to drink lots of beer and have my parents pay, etc).

Ask a woman why she’s going to “Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self” and you just let yourself in for a really, really interesting conversation. In fact her answer is likely to begin with “How long have you got?”

Alchemy is an event that women feel called to for all kinds of reasons. So this month we’re going to let you in on some of those reasons, partly of course because we hope that it will inspire you to come too. Over the next month or so you will be hearing from women of different faiths, (or of no faith), from different areas of the country and from very different backgrounds. All of them will tell you why THEY want to come.

If you are indeed inspired by what follows, click here to register.

AND if you already know you’re coming, please email us 100-700 words to divine.feminine.wsf@gmail.com  and PLEASE INCLUDE a one-sentence bio and a photo of yourself in a format we can use.


Women of Spirit and Faith


p.s. the early bird deal ends September 15th!!!!


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