What my wisdom is telling me…

What my wisdom is telling me… June 25, 2014

My wisdom is telling me it is time. It is time to lead Denise. It is time to stand up and speak. Gone are the stories that don’t fit, an empty hand grasps at nothing. Trust the ever-growing circle of strength, love and light around you.

My wisdom is telling me, “we have always been here. we will always be here. we will always show you how to stand, how to walk, to sing and to dance. We will always be dancing.”

I forget sometimes. I forget that my body speaks so effortlessly.
“trust the life in your body.
your body.”

My wisdom is telling me to walk.
Walk when I know, when I don’t know, when I’m scared, when I’m joyful, when I think I can’t and when I think I know I can’t.
Walk until there is only walking.

My wisdom is telling me to be patient and listen.
A great emergence is coming, “be patient and listen.”
A great song is singing your name, “be patient and listen.”
Every morning you are invited to dance, “be patient and listen.”
There is an urgent call in my body, in my blood,
my feet are jumping up and down, everything inside of me screams, “Right now! Right now! Right now!”

“Be patient and listen.”

You are already dancing, you are are already dancing.

Denise Casey is an artist and educator. She teaches mindfulness in schools in Vermont at the Center for Mindful Learning. Denise is also working on two performances 26 Letters: from Silence to Song and The Mindful Bulimic. Both performances use humor, song, dance, spoken word and poetry to give voice and body to stories that are rarely told out loud.


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