What We Mothers Must Do

What We Mothers Must Do June 6, 2014

It is time that we mothers stop moaning about how badly the big, bad men are treating us and our earth and start saying “No!” to ourselves and others. We are the ones who are being handed the fruits of war in greater and greater proportions. Just as a cat will lay a dead bird at the feet of the pet’s parent, our men are trained, from birth, to bring us spoils of war as acts of worship of our womanhood.

It is time that we stop preening ourselves while other women suffer at our hands. Our greed is killing our earth, and we refuse to admit or see it. Until we are willing to rock the crying babies of those who clean our homes while they clean, we are guilty of encouraging a caste system. Until we stand with mothers whose sons are persecuted by our own sons and mates, we are promoting war.

We must start saying “No!” to all who attempt to take our young sons away from us and bully them as a way to “toughen them up.” We must say “No!” to spending excess money on our children and ourselves, thus encouraging our mates to bring bigger and bigger bounties to our doorsteps. We must say “No!” to those who attempt to price fix incomes at less than living wages for those who take our places in the most physically and emotionally demanding roles in life.

We love to pretend that we are all earth mothers, while we actually save the best pieces of prosperity for our own families. When we stop consuming more than our own share and begin to partner with those who serve us and our own children, we can call ourselves earth mothers. It is we women who need to toughen up.

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