we call the council

we call the council October 30, 2015
Denise Casey
I dreamt…

may we walk wing-ed and wild

may we sit on the throne’s of our wombs

embody the mystery and power of creation

may we enter the stream, on horseback and foot,

wade like an unbroken chain of stars through the night

guiding brave souls who’ve lived in hiding and learned forgetting
beneath us great mother lies,
legs and arms spread wide across the creek bottom
big breasted, long hair flowing
we stand among her waters
we are here.
we have always been here
and we have found the line that does not end.
we will stand, always in this water
we call the council.
Denise Casey is an artist and educator. She teaches mindfulness in schools in Vermont at the Center for Mindful Learning. Denise is also working on two performances 26 Letters: from Silence to Song and The Mindful Bulimic. Both performances use humor, song, dance, spoken word and poetry to give voice and body to stories that are rarely told out loud.

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