Labor Pains of Mother Earth: Birthing a new generation

Labor Pains of Mother Earth: Birthing a new generation December 23, 2016

IMG_0308Participating in a circle recently, my heart was touched to hear so many women asking how to connect, find hope, and move forward in light of recent world events. In my own world and work, I have taught myself to continually focus and refocus my mind away from the negative and towards the positive; a mental strength practice many scientific studies have shown to be physically beneficial in addition to the spiritual benefits we reap.

For me, writing, meditation, and participating in action within my community are the things that help me stay focused on the positive and move forward with peace, joy, and hope for the future. I have started a grassroots advocacy group for the city I call home Las Vegas, called Lift Up Vegas. Through this group, I am able to work on collaborations with local and national organizations to help our community be inspired and inspire each other to be more compassionate to ourselves and the world. It fills me with hope and joy to meet and interact with the people who have been drawn to participate with Lift Up Vegas and be reminded that I am not alone, but am part of a community on a journey together.

Reflecting on my motivations to found Lift Up Vegas and the collective discussion around recent political events, I envision the current troubles as the labor pains of Mother Earth, birthing a new generation. If this is so, then we are Her hands, the embodied mothers; these pains are our pains, and we can move through them and forward, to steward and guide the lives of this world. As mothers, we know we cannot always rely on our children to do what we wish. However, we also know that by teaching, guiding, and loving them, we can empower them (body, mind, heart, and soul) to be the best versions of themselves. For me, Lift Up Vegas is my outlet to be part of this positive world change.

I have written an adaptation of the Serenity Prayer I wanted to share with you. For me, wisdom is the channel and focus word I use, but the word Wisdom in this prayer can be replaced with another of your choice.

Wisdom, grant me peace
To acknowledge that which is out of my control.

Wisdom, harness the fire in my soul
Towards the ways in which I can most help the world.

Wisdom, give me discernment,
That I may nurture my own soul and compassionately guide the world,
The best I can within my own limitations.

Beyond the children of my physical body, I meditate on being Mother to the coming generations; to teaching, guiding, loving, and nurturing all I come in contact with, as much as I am able. As much as each of us is able to take up a portion of this role in our own area of influence (be that our family, our city, or beyond) we will be helping create the future we hope to see. This is not an easy task, nor a quick one. Labor is a matter of hours, after a mere 9 months of incubation; motherhood is a lifetime “labor” of love which requires much time, emotion, and effort. Just as with mothering a child, in mothering the world, we shall reap what we sow.
Alice Vo Edwards writes, teaches and develops programs and technology that help individuals and organizations harness each of our own innate mental strengths and abilities to be our best selves. Click here for the website for Lift Up vegas.



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