Symbiosis in Nature With Adam C. Hall

Symbiosis in Nature With Adam C. Hall July 17, 2013


With out symbiosis (the interaction of two or more organisms for the benefit of all), nothing would exist on the planet earth. For example, Clownfish and the sea anemones have a symbiotic relationship. The sea anemone protects the clownfish from predators and provides food. The clownfish in return defends the sea anemone from predators and parasites. The symbiosis that occurs with trees and air give us life. Air is used in photosynthesis. It is composed of, 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Trees are essential to the production of nitrogen and oxygen. All life unfolds in the process. The inner action of air with high and low pressure in the atmosphere creates wind. The power and force of the wind needs no explanation.  The proliferation of super storms, tornados, cyclones should be sufficient warning that the wind should and must be respected. Symbolically, the wind represents, communication, purifier of mind, body, spirit and earth. Many speak of riding the winds of change. These are times of great change, both on an individual and collective level. Beyond giving us life and creating destruction; what is the symbiotic relationship of the air/wind a. The air can only be felt by our five sensory perceptions. It carries smells, music, voice, pollution and many other aspects and expressions of our humanity.  It can be seen when we adopt our multisensory pre-ceptual capabilities. While this is an entire conversation in its own right, for purposes of the blog, the discussion will be limited to the symbolism of the wind. However,  I am suggesting that you consider adding a new perception of the wind. And consider the possibility,that we can ride the wind to a purposeful and enjoyable life.

My late beloved father could not stand the wind. I have often heard from others, that they too do not care for the wind. I have nearly been blown off the top of a mountain by the wind. Wind chill gets into my bones like nothing else. I have never understood my relationship, other then it gives life and can be destructive, to air and the force it creates with the wind. That force occurs as an act of rebalancing high and low pressure systems. I began to wonder if I could transform the power of the wind into regenerating my vitality. In contemplating this, I realized that I  overlooked one of the great gifts of the wind.  The symbiosis between the wind and myself connected me to the total (inner and outer) environment. And that by finding balance, like the wind does, with high and low pressure, I would be  peaceful and be the force of change in my personal life.

When the outside pressures of life became intense (high pressure) I would find a moment to take a few deep breaths and connect with my inner environment.  And conversely, when my inner world felt unsettled I would find the time to connect with nature in the outer world. In balancing the pressure of the inner and outer environments, the high and low pressure, I found stillness and connected with my true nature in present moment. Creating an imbalance can drive our lives toward  goals or pull us back into the pain and suffering of the past. If you want to attract love or money, you could resonate and create the feeling in the inner world and that would in turn draw in love or money from the outer world. Where as if your inner world unsettled and you are seeking love or money in the outer world, it pushes away what you are actual hoping to obtain. The energy we create with our thoughts and feelings is like the wind, it flows in one direction or another. Each of us has the power to choose the direction we want to take in life.

Find the symbiotic relationship of ourselves and the wind can create a force in nature. That force is you. Are you riding the winds of change?

Daily Earth Mantra:  The Natural world and I are one.











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